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1,244 Possible Causes for Short Stature, Prenatal and Postnatal

  • Russell-Silver Syndrome

    Abstract A family is described with a syndrome of short stature, abnormal pigmentation of the skin and mild facial dysmorphism.[] Russell-Silver syndrome (RSS) should be suspected in patients with prenatal and postnatal growth retardation.[] PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to assess the occlusal characteristics of individuals with growth hormone deficiency (GHD), idiopathic short stature (ISS), and Russell-Silver[]

  • Growth Failure

    Children with short stature in whom no specific cause is identified may be diagnosed with idiopathic short stature.[] Thus, while GH does not appear to be essential for intrauterine growth, IGF-I itself is critically involved in both prenatal and postnatal growth.[] Congenital idiopathic growth hormone deficiency associated with prenatal and early postnatal growth failure. J Pediatr 1992; 121: 920-3.[]

  • 3M Syndrome Type 1

    stature syndrome) AR 9 9 ORC4 Meier-Gorlin syndrome (Ear-patella-short stature syndrome) AR 22 6 ORC6 Meier-Gorlin syndrome (Ear-patella-short stature syndrome) AR 7 6 OTX2[] Abstract The 3-M syndrome is a clinically recognizable disorder characterized by prenatal and postnatal growth retardation and a spectrum of consistent minor anomalies.[] Mulibrey nanism: includes prenatal and postnatal growth deficiency with relatively large hands, triangular facies with frontal bossing and depressed nasal bridge, small tongue[]

  • Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch Syndrome

    Patients have premature aging aspect, short stature and a poorly muscled build.[] She had prenatal and postnatal growth failure, generalized lipoatrophy except for fat pads in the suprabuttock areas, triangular face, pseudohydrocephalous, sparse scalp hair[] […] and postnatal growth retardation), and deficiency or absence of the layer of fat under the skin (subcutaneous lipoatrophy).[]

  • Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism

    Aged 17 years, the boy was referred because of short stature (162 cm) and overweight (62.5 kg).[] Annual frequency and prevalence of KS diagnoses in the period 1970–2000 diagnosed prenatally or postnatally Year Prenatal diagnosis of KS Postnatal diagnosis of KS All prenatal[] stature (in some cases) Adults: Loss of interest in sex (libido) in men Loss of menstrual periods (amenorrhea) in women Decreased energy and interest in activities Loss of[]

  • Turner Syndrome

    stature (Short-Stature Group) were enrolled.[] Research Prenatal and postnatal...[] We describe a case of an 11 year old girl with short stature and karyotype confirmed TS: 45,X(16)46,X,i(X)(ql0)(13).[]

  • Familial Short Stature

    Abstract This study was planned to search for the presence of possible tubular bone abnormalities in familial short stature (FSS) as has been previously noted in some reports[] The same mutation was also identified in her mother, who presented prenatal and postnatal growth failure, and her short-statured maternal grandmother, both of whom exhibited[] Diagnosis was delayed by use of the term 'undiagnosed short stature'.[]

  • Klinefelter Syndrome

    We present a patient with Klinefelter syndrome and short stature due to growth hormone deficiency.[] The objective of this study was to describe the prevalence of Klinefelter syndrome (KS) prenatally and postnatally in Denmark and determine the influence of maternal age.[] These patients usually present with tall stature. We report a case of KS with short stature due to growth hormone deficiency.[]

  • Sanjad-Sakati Syndrome

    Sanjad Sakati Syndrome /Dysmorphism/ short stature 30 Days of Hope: Day Nine #NICUphotography, #preemie, #NICU, #placentaprevia, #34weeks, #preemiesupportandawareness, #capturinghopes[] It is characterized by congenital hypoparathyroidism, severe prenatal and postnatal growth retardation, and distinct facial dysmorphism.[] ORPHA:2323 Synonym(s): HRD syndrome Hypoparathyroidism-intellectual disability-dysmorphism syndrome Hypoparathyroidism-short stature-intellectual disability-seizures syndrome[]

  • Kenny-Caffey Syndrome Type 1

    Short and tall stature: a new paradigm emerges. Nat rev endocrinol. 2015;11:735–46.[] […] and postnatal growth retardation, short stature, cortical thickening and medullary stenosis of the long bones, absent diploic space in the skull bones, hypocalcemia due to[] Proportionate growth retardation (prenatal and postnatal) associated with delayed bone age is the most common feature.[]

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