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  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Separate survival analysis showed that being vaccinated reduced the risk of URI outpatient visits for both PSG groups during the first 3 months of the study period.[] Most results showed no difference between nasal saline treatment and control.[] The results show that inflammatory cytokines are elevated in nasal secretions during acute URI in preschool children.[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    In general, all the G9 RVA strains showed clustering in the globally circulating sublineage of the VP7 gene and showed nucleotide/amino acid identities of 96.8-99.7%/96.9-[] Results of VP6-specific real-time PCR obtained from 100 pairs of specimens showed concordance in 91% of the pairs.[] Rotavirus surveillance studies carried out earlier during the years 2009-2011 showed increase in the prevalence of G9P[8] RVAs.[]

  • Influenza

    , L) Show forest plot 1 Mean Difference (IV, Fixed, 95% CI) Totals not selected 12 Systemic adverse effects Show forest plot 1 Odds Ratio (M‐H, Fixed, 95% CI) Totals not[] Physical examination showed stridor, tachypnoea with use of accessory muscles of respiration on admission.[] Cerebral Spinal Fluid study showed normal cell counts with elevated protein and nerve conduction study showed reduced diffuse compound muscle action potential amplitudes suggesting[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Urinary analysis showed leukocyturia, and urinary culture identified Klebsiella pneumoniae.[] […] bacteriological cure: susceptible pathogens Show forest plot 2 146 Risk Ratio (M‐H, Random, 95% CI) 0.99 [0.73, 1.34] 4 Long‐term bacteriological cure Show forest plot 2[] A subgroup analysis limited to patients without VUR showed similar results (0.52, 0.33 to 0.83), whereas patients with VUR showed a non-significant decrease (0.82, 0.61 to[]

  • Insect Bite

    "There's a study out now that shows that more natural plant-like chemicals work just as well as DEET," he told CBS News.[] Put insect repellent that contains DEET on skin that is showing when you go outside.[] Research shows that the bodies of some individuals produce natural repellents to mosquito bites, which are genetically controlled.[]

  • Osteoporosis

    A greater number of patients may be needed to show differences.[] Show forest plot 6 185 Mean Difference (IV, Fixed, 95% CI) ‐2.67 [‐4.06, ‐1.28] 5 Bone mineral density % change: hip Show forest plot 13 863 Mean Difference (IV, Random,[] [‐4.79, ‐2.20] 5 Total body BMD% from baseline Show forest plot 1 42 Mean Difference (IV, Fixed, 95% CI) 7.10 [1.06, 13.14] 6 Legs BMD % from baseline Show forest plot 1[]

  • Sinusitis

    Meta-regression analysis of trials using different doses of mometasone furoate showed a significant dose-response relationship ( P .02).[] Biopsy showed fungal elements and granulomatous reaction consistent with CGIFS. The patient was managed with conservative surgery and long-term oral voriconazole.[] Abstract Every pediatrician has likely experienced frustration with cases of chronic nasal symptoms that either do not seem to get better or do show improvement but then worsen[]

  • Pneumonia

    2 479 Odds Ratio (M‐H, Random, 95% CI) 1.23 [0.31, 4.87] 4 Cure rate Show forest plot 3 363 Odds Ratio (M‐H, Random, 95% CI) 1.22 [0.50, 2.94] 5 Failure rate Show forest[] […] rate Show forest plot 2 2050 Odds Ratio (M‐H, Random, 95% CI) 2.08 [0.22, 20.06] 12 Lost to follow up Show forest plot 3 4048 Odds Ratio (M‐H, Random, 95% CI) 0.88 [0.67,[] […] by serology or nasopharyngeal cultures Show forest plot 3 368 Odds Ratio (M‐H, Random, 95% CI) 0.75 [0.30, 1.87] 8 Cure rate in radiographically confirmed pneumonia Show[]

  • Dementia

    Dementia that stemmed from vascular disease showed the most significant drop. The authors also reported a parallel improvement in cardiovascular health.[] Cerebral blood flow showed hypoperfusion. Positron emission tomography showed widespread tau deposition in his brain.[] Table 3 shows the summary estimate for the MMSE, which was not significant and showed a high level of heterogeneity. Table 3.[]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Table 2 shows the viral etiology of the enrolled patients. All but three co-infections were detected by rt-RT-PCR.[] REFERENCES show all references 1. Schappert SM, Burt CW.[] In our cohort of LRTI patients, 30% showed serological evidence of multiviral infection.[]

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