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419 Possible Causes for Silicosis

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    Nevertheless, a disabling loss of lung function in the absence of silicosis would not occur until between 30 and 40 years exposure.[] Silica dust and fiberglass dust exposure can also lead to COPD, with the risk unrelated to that for silicosis.[] […] somewhat of a fortuitous discovery, since he was not trying to produce emphysema, but was hoping to determine the effect of papain on the fibrosis associated with experimental silicosis[]

  • Hypercapnia

    […] mucoviscidosis) - neoplastic disorders (metastatic lung disease) - pulmonary edema - poisoning non-bacterial agents (asbestosis, berylliosis, coal workers lung or anthracosis, silicosis[]

  • Pulmonary Fibrosis

    Also, some kinds of fibrosis, like silicosis, have characteristic patterns. Echocardiogram.[] Including Asbestosis, Pneumoconiosis, and Silicosis If you’ve been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis or interstitial lung disease (ILD), you probably have serious questions[]

  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    We report a case of a male with a prior diagnosis of silicosis who was diagnosed with and treated for TB.[] Since 1939, few cases of silicosis among dental technician have been reported.[] Extended therapy (up to 24 mo) is indicated for reactivation cases, extrapulmonary reactivated TB, or in the presence of other medical problems, such as diabetes mellitus or silicosis[]

  • Silicotuberculosis

    In both silicosis and silicotuberculosis, it includes elements of immediate and delayed hypersensitivity.[] Abstract A series of investigations conducted in different "silicosis-risk" industries using a methodology based on the mathematical theory of pattern recognition has shown[] silicosis silicotuberculosis As nouns the difference between silicosis and silicotuberculosis is that silicosis is (disease) a disease of the lungs caused by the inhalation[]

  • Anthracosilicosis

    Silicosis - Being one of the most severe forms of occupational lung disease due to its life-threatening risk in the absence of an early diagnosis and early prevention, silicosis[] Preventing silicosis Silicosis can be prevented by avoiding prolonged exposure to silica dust.[] PubMed search : silicosis [title] pulmonary Page views in 2018: 4,053 Page views in 2019 to date: 2,245 Cite this page: Weisenberg E. Silicosis.[]

  • Asbestosis

    BACKGROUND: Asbestosis and silicosis are debilitating pulmonary conditions resulting from inhalation of asbestos fibers or silica dust.[] Silicosis, talcosis, asbestosis, and berylliosis were all documented by an open biopsy of the lung. The varieties of mixed pneumoconiosis are summarized.[] RESULTS: Levels of IL-1beta were higher in the sputum of subjects with asbestosis and silicosis than in controls.[]

  • Anthracosis

    This review presents characteristics of simple and complicated coal workers' pneumoconiosis (CWP) as well as pathologic indices of acute and chronic silicosis by summarizing[] Among interstitial lung disorders, silicosis and coal workers' pneumoconiosis (CWP) are the most widespread fibrotic lung diseases.[] These results support four basic mechanisms in the etiology of CWP and silicosis: a) direct cytotoxicity of coal dust or silica, resulting in lung cell damage, release of[]

  • Exposure to Diatomaceous Earth Dust

    What are the symptoms of silicosis? There are several stages of silicosis. Early stages may go completely unnoticed.[] There is no cure for Silicosis, but it can be prevented. There are three types of silicosis: acute, chronic, and accelerated.[] Silicosis leads to shortness of breath, a persistent cough and an increased risk of tuberculosis.[]

  • Cough

    A dry, persistent cough is a well-described class effect of the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor medications. The mechanism of ACE inhibitor-induced cough remains unresolved, but likely involves the protussive mediators bradykinin and substance P, agents that are degraded by ACE and therefore[…][]

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