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  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    2012 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 465.9 Acute upper respiratory infections of unspecified site Short description: Acute uri NOS.[] Their site is restricted to use by whomever they wish, and they may deny access to their site to one or more prior users.[] METHODS: This was a cross-sectional study of 104 patients older than age 14 from three family practice sites; all of the patients had experienced a URI during an 8-week period[]

  • Influenza

    Abstract Human influenza viruses passaged in eggs often acquire mutations in the hemagglutinin (HA) receptor binding site (RBS).[] Positively selected sites varied according to the subtype/lineage, including N1-NA sites 247 and 275, N2-NA sites 148 and 151, and B/Victoria-NA site 395 associated with drug-resistance[] Mutations were detected at higher frequency and faster rate at the antigenic sites surrounding the receptor-binding domain (RBD), in particular, in the Sa and Sb sites.[]

  • Insect Bite

    Occasionally, blisters may occur at the site of bites or stings. In very sensitive individuals, flea bites may be topped by tiny blisters.[] These include blistering rashes, bruises, or large areas of swelling at the bite sites.[] Ticks Allergic reactions to ticks range from mild (with large local swelling and inflammation at the site of a tick bite) to severe (anaphylaxis).[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    Impact/Purpose: Meta-analysis of 13 beach sites and nearly 90,000 subjects found that swimming at the beach increased diarrhea incidence and individuals who swam in water[] In the double blind trial, Silverman and colleagues randomly assigned 321 adults and children older than 12 years to receive 24 mg Bekinda or placebo at 21 sites in the U.S[] Again, costs to the health system for further treatment could not be ascertained due to other sites’ being outside the network of research sites.[]

  • Sunburn

    Cumulative daily ambient solar UVR levels were relatively high at all sites, especially during summer, with maximum values of about 67, 57 and 74 Standard Erythemal Dose ([] The fourth site received no treatment. After the last treatment, each site was exposed to SSR, and shave biopsies from all four sites were obtained.[] This suggests that an injection given during an occult viremia could trigger an unexpected reaction at the site.[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Abstract STEC strains can infect extra-intestinal sites such as the human urinary tract and sometimes cause severe complications.[] CONCLUSIONS: Sex, age, obstruction, stone shape, and multiple sites of stones could be considered the independent factors for UTI in patients with urolithiasis; smoking and[] Information at the site cannot be used for self-treatment and self-diagnosis.[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    sites).[] Urban practising physicians (adjusted OR 1.69, 95% CI 1.29-2.21) and those who were self-dispensing or with on-site pharmacists (adjusted OR 1.32, 95% CI 1.19-1.46) were also[] […] evaluate the efficacy and safety of treatment with EPs 7630 in patients with acute bronchitis, a multi-centre, prospective, open observational study was conducted in 440 study sites[]

  • Pharyngitis

    The aim of this study was to clarify whether recurrent GAS pharyngitis is reactivation caused by the primary strain remaining at the infection site, or if the reinfection[] BY ACCESSING OR USING THIS SITE, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH IN THE DISCLAIMER. Read the disclaimer[] A total of 420 adult patients, of either sex, with acute pharyngitis will be enrolled from seven study sites across China.[]

  • Skin Infection

    OBJECTIVE: To identify baseline patient characteristics associated with increased susceptibility to surgical site infection (SSI) after elective surgery.[] Among index subjects, recurrence was associated with (P .05) Los Angeles site, diabetes, recent hospitalization, recent skin infection, recent cephalexin use, and household[] […] contralateral control site.[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    […] aureus infection, unspecified site A49.1 Streptococcal infection, unspecified site A49.2 Hemophilus influenzae infection, unspecified site A49.3 Mycoplasma infection, unspecified[] Several inflammatory cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin 1β, and interleukin 6, in local infection sites were reduced by KS.[] site A49.8 Other bacterial infections of unspecified site A49.9 Bacterial infection, unspecified A50 Congenital syphilis A50.0 Early congenital syphilis, symptomatic A50.01[]

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