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208 Possible Causes for Skin Eschar

  • Sunburn

    出典:ウィキメディア・コモンズ (Wikimedia Commons) ナビゲーションに移動 検索に移動 日焼け inflammatory reaction from ultraviolet radiation characterized by transient redness, tenderness and occasional blistering メディアをアップロード ウィキペディア 上位クラス 熱傷 典拠管理 Q649717 GND識別子: 4401010-2 BNCFシソーラス: 42864 Reasonator Scholia 統計学 カテゴリ「Sunburn」にあるメディア このカテゴリに属する[…][]

  • Aspergillosis

    The swelling was firm to hard with superficial skin ulcers and black eschar.[] […] the surrounding tissue Invasion into the orbit reduction of visual acuity, painful exophthalmos, chemosis Invasion into the skull CNS involvement, venous sinus thrombosis Skin[] Clinico-radiological impression was left breast carcinoma with secondary skin involvement. fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) from the swelling showed inflammatory cells[]

  • Keloid

    CME Year : 2005 Volume : 38 Issue : 2 Page : 175-179 Keloids and hypertrophic scars: a review 1 Biomaterials Division, Central Leather Research Institute, TICEL Bio Park, Taramani, Chennai-600113, India 2 Division of Plastic Surgery, Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital, Chennai-600010, India 3 Plastic Surgery and Burn[…][]

  • Extensive Burns

    The dead skin (eschar) is white, tan, brown, black, and occasionally red.[] Grafting skin on established, granulating wounds from which the eschar has sloughed is the poorest surgical option but may be necessary in the presence of severe illnesses[] Resistance, hypersensitivity, skin irritation and limited efficacy - wound dressing changes can precipitate significant haemodynamic changes and careful monitoring important[]

  • Tick-Borne Rickettsiosis

    ELT None Italy Skin biopsy 7886 (31.4) Negative NA MSF 2 41 F Fever Headache Eschar NA None South Africa Skin biopsy 791 (35.9) Negative Negative ATBF 3 43 M Fever Headache[] Laboratory Diagnosis Detection of rickettsial DNA by PCR in eschar swab, whole blood, or skin biopsy.[] A cicatricial inoculation eschar was found on the skin of the left axilla.[]

  • Disseminated Aspergillosis

    Skin lesions occur in 5-10% of patients with disseminated aspergillosis.[] […] to an ulcer covered with a black eschar.[] […] manifestations of disseminated aspergillosis include single or multiple erythematous-to-violaceous plaques or papules, often characterized by a central necrotic ulcer or eschar[]

  • Mucormycosis

    Acute sinusitis (sinus pain or congestion) Eye swelling and protrusion (proptosis) Dark nasal eschar (scabbing) Fever Redness of skin Coughing blood (occasionally) Shortness[] Cutaneous extension of rhinocerebral disease can manifest as erythema and/or eschar in the periorbital and paranasal area.[] Hematogenous spread of mucomycosis to the skin is rarely encountered; however, untreated skin infection may cause deeper infection and can eventually lead to hematogenous[]

  • Anthrax

    The infection was characterised by a wide, black eschar and oedema on an erythematous ground.[] The central, black eschar, surrounded by vivid red skin has long been recognised as typical of the disease.[] The pink bumps progress to blisters, which further progress to open sores with a black base (called an eschar).[]

  • Tsutsugamushi Disease

    A multiloculated vesicle forms at the inoculation site and ulcerates, after which an eschar (a dry scab or slough formed on the skin ) forms.[] The eschar samples were sectioned parallel to the skin layer.[] Examination of his skin revealed an eschar on penile base of right scrotum.[]

  • Insect Bite

    […] and split thickness skin grafting. 7,8 When Scorpions Strike Out of over 1,000 scorpion species, only 50 are known to be dangerous to humans.[] […] scarring. 7,8,12 Late management of brown recluse spider bites with large areas of dermonecrosis may require delayed surgical intervention including debridement, excision of eschars[]

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