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577 Possible Causes for Skin Thickening, Soft Tissue Swelling

  • Acromegaly

    Hands and feet become enlarged; facial features are exaggerated as the jaw lengthens and the nose and forehead grow thicker; the skin thickens; and most internal organs enlarge[] This leads to coarse facial features, soft tissue swelling (including the tongue), enlargement of the hands and feet, respiratory problems, hypertension, diabetes mellitus[] (sebaceous glands) causing oily skin, thickening of the skin, skin tags (growths) Sleep apnea Widened fingers or toes, with swelling, redness, and pain Other symptoms that[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    She had significant ptosis OS and thickened, hyperpigmented periorbital skin. Biopsies were consistent with chronic lymphedema.[] Invasive soft tissue infection due to Streptococcus pyogenes. This child developed fever and soft-tissue swelling on the fifth day of a varicella-zoster infection.[] Pain, tenderness, swelling and erythema, and systemic toxicity are common, and patients may have associated bacteremia.[]

  • Anterior Uveitis

    This case underlines that it is very important to suspect SSc when CAU is present and/or skin thickening is absent.[] Computed tomography showed a mass-like soft tissue swelling within the intraconal fat indenting the posterior medial aspect of the globe.[] A 35-year-old Chinese man presented with acute anterior uveitis unresponsive to topical steroids, and progressed to manifest optic disc swelling and posterior scleritis.[]

  • McCune-Albright Syndrome

    Boys with MAS are less likely to develop PP than girls, however they may present with testicular enlargement (one or both sides) penile enlargement, scrotal skin thickening[] Ultrasound: to evaluate patients with evidence of soft tissue swellings; may show ovarian cysts, thyroid nodules.[]

  • Bone Marrow Disease

    Symptoms of chronic GvHD might include any of the following: Rash, raised, or discolored areas, skin thickening or tightening (signs of cGvHD of the skin) Abdominal swelling[] Hand-foot syndrome , soft tissue swelling with periosteal new bone formation and a moth-eaten lytic process at the proximal aspect of the fourth phalanx 19.[]

  • Osteoarthritis

    There is usually local tenderness, soft tissue swelling, joint crepitus (cracking sounds), bony swelling, restricted mobility, and bony nodules.[] Such widespread skin thickening followed by severe movement restriction and inability to function on daily basis, as in our patient, has never been described.[]

  • Tumoral Calcinosis

    Caffey disease (CD) is defined by recurrent episodes of painful soft tissue swelling and cortical thickening of the underlying bones.[] On admission, physical examination revealed skin thickening over the trunk, face and limbs, multiple ulcerations of her fingertips, peripheral calcinosis cutis, and telangiectasia[] Our case report introduces two Sudanese siblings from consanguineous parents who presented with simultaneous recurrent multiple soft tissue swellings.[]

  • Blepharoptosis

    Discussion Primary HOA is a rare disease with a prevalence of [2] It is characterized by skin thickening, clubbing, hyperhidrosis, and periosteal reaction in the long bones[] Clinically, there was a soft tissue swelling over the medial aspect of her left upper eyelid, causing mild erythematous skin changes and 2 mm of mechanical ptosis (fig 1A)[] Ptosis was assessed with silicone rod frontalis suspension, and resection of excessive skin was performed as in blepharoplasty Click here to view Figure 4: Skin biopsy showing[]

  • Purpura

    Arthralgia and/or arthritis are accompanied by soft tissue swelling and tenderness located near and around the joints.[] An alternative study uncovered that applying epidermal growth factor to the affected area can help skin thicken and reduce lesions.[] Swelling may occur in the face and neck due to abnormal fluid accumulation in the soft tissues of these areas (angioneurotic edema).[]

  • Lymphadenitis

    A CT scan of the neck revealed extensive soft-tissue swelling and multiple rim-enhancing masses in the left cervical region extending from the inferior portion of the left[] In the physical check-up, it was found a hardened nodule and a skin thickening in the right axillary extension.[]

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