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197 Possible Causes for Sloping Shoulders

  • Osteoporosis

    If this happens, you may get any or all of these symptoms: Sloping shoulders Curve in the back Height loss Back pain Hunched posture What causes osteoporosis?[]

  • Craniofacial Dysplasia-Osteopenia Syndrome

    shoulders Rounded shoulders Rounded, sloping shoulders Sloping shoulders [ more ] 0200021 Frontal bossing 0002007 High, narrow palate Narrow, high-arched roof of mouth Narrow[] shoulders pterygium colli Skeletal Skull: craniosynostosis (in some patients) Head And Neck Eyes: laterally sparse eyebrows severe hypertelorism myopia, progressive severe[] shoulders, enamel hypoplasia, and osteopenia with repeated fractures.[]

  • Ruijs Aalfs Syndrome

    Down-sloping shoulders MedGen UID: 346461 • Concept ID: C1856872 • Finding Low set, steeply sloping shoulders.[] […] to Ruijs-Aalfs syndrome include: Triangular face Bulbous nose Prominent nasal bridge Frontal bossing Delayed skeletal maturation Skeletal muscle atrophy Weight Loss Down-sloping[] In addition, he had thoracic kyphoscoliosis, sloping shoulders, mild pectus excavatum, moderate bilateral contractures of both elbows, bilateral clinodactyly, and pes planus[]

  • Spinal Stenosis

    Recognisable skeletal abnormalities include hypoplastic facial bones, hypoplastic clavicles, narrow and anteriorly sloping shoulders, bowing of both forearm bones, brachydactyly[]

  • Syndromic Microphthalmia 11

    These may include a sideways and front-to-back curvature of the spine (kyphoscoliosis), narrow and/or sloping shoulders, underdeveloped collarbones (hypoplastic clavicles)[]

  • Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia Type Irapa

    In addition, he had thoracic kyphoscoliosis, sloping shoulders, mild pectus excavatum, moderate bilateral contractures of both elbows, bilateral clinodactyly, and pes planus[] shoulders Pectus excavatum Lipodystrophy Elbow flexion contracture Decreased body weight Blepharophimosis Hypodontia Triangular face Abnormality of epiphysis morphology Pica[] Abnormality of the dentition Sloping forehead Convex nasal ridge Carious teeth Abnormality of the metaphysis Limb undergrowth Bowing of the long bones Anteverted nares Reduced[]

  • Grant Syndrome

    , sloping shoulders Sloping shoulders [ more ] 0200021 Tibial bowing Bowed shankbone Bowed shinbone [ more ] 0002982 Showing of 28 Last updated: 11/1/2018 If you need medical[] […] blade 0000912 Percent of people who have these symptoms is not available through HPO Autosomal dominant inheritance 0000006 Down-sloping shoulders Rounded shoulders Rounded[] […] lower teeth [ more ] 0010807 Short stature Decreased body height Small stature [ more ] 0004322 Skin dimple over apex of long bone angulation 0001024 Sprengel anomaly High shoulder[]

  • Skeletal Dysplasia - Intellectual Disability Syndrome

    shoulders long neck Facies: epicanthic folds antimongoloid eye slant broad nasal root mild hypertelorism everted prominent lower lip Thorax: growth long and narrow prominent[] […] redness of finger joints prominent elbow joints hip joint subluxation hallux subluxation Lab: elevated serum uric acid reduced renal excrion of uric acid Skel: coxa valga down-sloping[]

  • Estrogen Deficiency

    shoulders) Heart problems Increased heart rate Frequent palpitations that last longer than a few seconds and may be accompanied by significant lightheadedness, dizziness,[] […] caused by a fractured or collapsed vertebra Pain due to a bone fracture that occurred more easily than expected Loss of height Spinal deformities (such as stopped posture, sloping[]

  • XXXXY Syndrome

    Physical examination revealed: hypotonia, broad forehead and nasal bridge, hypertelorism, epicanthic folds, rotated left ear, lack of teeth, short neck, sloping shoulders,[]

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