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85 Possible Causes for Sloping Shoulders, Urinary Incontinence

  • Spinal Stenosis

    Recognisable skeletal abnormalities include hypoplastic facial bones, hypoplastic clavicles, narrow and anteriorly sloping shoulders, bowing of both forearm bones, brachydactyly[] We report a case of a skeletally immature achondroplastic adolescent with significant thoracolumbar lordosis who presented with neurogenic claudication and urinary incontinence[] incontinence.[]

  • Puerperium

    As the child’s lower shoulder advances, it meets the sloping resistance of the pelvic floor on the right side and is shunted forward and to the left toward the middle of the[] Some damage to the pelvic floor may be inevitable, and parturition predisposes to urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.[] incontinence (aMD 4.97, CI 95%: 6.30, 3.65), among others.[]

  • Birth

    As the child’s lower shoulder advances, it meets the sloping resistance of the pelvic floor on the right side and is shunted forward and to the left toward the middle of the[] Annual direct cost of urinary incontinence. Obstet. Gynecol. 98, 398 – 406 ( 2001 ). Google Scholar Medline ISI 7.[] incontinence (19-11), mastitis (15-3), and other urinary problems (5-3).[]

  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy-Hypergonadotropic Hypogonadism Syndrome

    shoulders, aged appearance of the hands and feet and facial dysmorphism (beaked nose and severe retrognathia).[] Causes: pineal tumor, stroke, hydrocephalus, MS. (48). demetia, gait abnormaily, urinary incontinence.[] urinary retention.[]

  • Osteoporosis

    If this happens, you may get any or all of these symptoms: Sloping shoulders Curve in the back Height loss Back pain Hunched posture What causes osteoporosis?[] Other risk factors have been identified in the elderly, such as visual impairment, urinary incontinence, functional disability, orthostatic hypotension and alcohol consumption[] […] dementia, gallbladder events, stroke, and venous thromboembolism compared with women taking placebo, and an increased risk of urinary incontinence during 1 year of follow-up[]

  • Scoliosis

    ", that is an inclination of the entire brace above the apical vertebra of the thoracic curve opposite to the proximal slope, together with an advancement of the shoulder[] […] and bowel incontinence.[] One main point to be carefully considered is the correction of high thoracic slopes above the T5 vertebra.[]

  • Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes

    Siamese twins 678.1 slow slope active phase 661.2 spasm spondylolisthesis, pelvis 653.3 spondylolysis (lumbosacral) 653.3 spondylosis 653.0 stenosis or stricture sudden death[] Occasionally patients will present with an history of intermittent leakage, or an isolated gush of fluid or suspected urinary incontinence. · Sterile speculum examination:[] […] secundines, retained - see Delivery, complicated, placenta, retained separation septate vagina 654.7 shock (birth) (obstetric) (puerperal) 669.1 short cord syndrome 663.4 shoulder[]

  • Estrogen Deficiency

    shoulders) Heart problems Increased heart rate Frequent palpitations that last longer than a few seconds and may be accompanied by significant lightheadedness, dizziness,[] It helps relieve the symptoms of menopause, low sexual desire, depression and urinary incontinence.[] Some women also have trouble with urinary incontinence. More serious symptoms include changes in heart rhythm.[]

  • Hydroureter

    Duplicated thumbs, syndactyly, clinodactyly, camptodactyly, and microcephaly are common, as are narrow/sloping shoulders, underdeveloped clavicles, kyphoscoliosis, exaggerated[] We have been successfully treating urinary incontinence in men and women since 1993 using neuromuscular reeducation and biofeedback .[] Females also can present with a urinary tract infection.[]

  • Grant Syndrome

    , sloping shoulders Sloping shoulders [ more ] 0200021 Tibial bowing Bowed shankbone Bowed shinbone [ more ] 0002982 Showing of 28 Last updated: 5/1/2019 If you need medical[] Urinary incontinence, a new symptom, led to examination for infection but the result was negative.[] incontinence 5,977,155 University of California, Irvine Magdalene Seiler Therapeutic Translational Research Projects Morphological and functional integration of stem cell[]

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