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24 Possible Causes for Sloping Shoulders, Vertebral Compression Fracture

  • Osteoporosis

    Spinal compression fractures can be insidious and may produce only modest back pain early in the course of progressive disease.[] If this happens, you may get any or all of these symptoms: Sloping shoulders Curve in the back Height loss Back pain Hunched posture What causes osteoporosis?[] These findings suggest that vertebral compression fractures and PPO may be one of the causes of severe back pain in postpartum patients.[]

  • Spinal Stenosis

    […] on the role of PKP in the treatment of nonunion of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures.[] Recognisable skeletal abnormalities include hypoplastic facial bones, hypoplastic clavicles, narrow and anteriorly sloping shoulders, bowing of both forearm bones, brachydactyly[] But most spinal compression fractures happen because of osteoporosis.[]

  • Scoliosis

    When kyphosis is caused by a vertebral compression fracture due to osteoporosis or cancer, a minimally invasive procedure called kyphoplasty is a common treatment.[] ", that is an inclination of the entire brace above the apical vertebra of the thoracic curve opposite to the proximal slope, together with an advancement of the shoulder[] The spine can also be affected by osteoporosis, vertebral compression fractures, and disc degeneration.[]

  • Muscular Dystrophy

    Risk of vertebral compression and long bone fractures also is increased. Deflazacort may be associated with a greater risk of cataracts than prednisone.[] […] muscle weakness causes deformities such as pronounced shoulder blades (scapular winging) and sloping shoulders.[] […] level Shoulder muscle weakness causes deformities such as pronounced shoulder blades (scapular winging) and sloping shoulders.[]

  • Myopathy

    compression fractures.[] Neurological examinations revealed sloping shoulders, weakness, and atrophy in the proximal areas of the arms, shoulder girdle muscles, and legs.[] Diffusely scattered myeloma lesions were shown as hyperintense on short tau inversion recovery (STIR) MRI imaging throughout the appendicular and axial skeleton, with vertebral[]

  • Platyspondyly

    compression fractures Hypoplasia of the pons Thin ribs Autism Limb undergrowth Cerebellar hypoplasia Microcephaly Pica Global developmental delay Supernumerary vertebral[] shoulders Neurodevelopmental delay Hyperhidrosis Pes cavus Large earlobe Proptosis Nephroblastoma Hypothyroidism Inverted nipples Enlarged kidney Broad forehead Talipes Stiff[] compression fractures Hypoplasia of the pons Thin ribs Arnold-Chiari malformation Recurrent fractures Arthralgia Autism Cerebellar hypoplasia Microcephaly Global developmental[]

  • Fat Embolism

    We report a case of fatal fat embolism in a 78-year-old man after an isolated vertebral compression fracture with no related orthopedic intervention.[] Siamese twins 678.1 slow slope active phase 661.2 spasm spondylolisthesis, pelvis 653.3 spondylolysis (lumbosacral) 653.3 spondylosis 653.0 stenosis or stricture sudden death[] Vertebroplasty is commonly performed for management of pain associated with vertebral compression fractures.[]

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    compression fractures).[] Weak shoulder muscles, long necks and sloped shoulders, poor posture and obesity may contribute to thoracic outlet syndrome.[] Compression Fracture Section 10 Abdominal and Groin Pain Syndromes 72 Chapter Acute Pancreatitis 73 Chapter Chronic Pancreatitis 74 Chapter Ilioinguinal Neuralgia 75 Chapter[]

  • Callus Formation of the Clavicle

    9540 8 MIN86_9540_8.jpg Vertebral compression fracture of thoracic vertenrae Th11 & Th12 (anteior view) MIN86 9540 9 MIN86_9540_9.jpg Vertebral compression fracture of thoracic[] Impression: [x] Shoulder Plain Film Dictation Indication: [x] Technique: [x] views of the [x] shoulder.[] I just broke my left collar bone (clavicle) in two places Tele-skiing (fell forward and my right ski tip got between my shoulder and the slope I smashed into- I ski with long[]

  • Skeletal Dysplasia

    Gerodermia osteodysplastica (OMIM 231070 ) is characterized by dwarfism, lax skin, osteoporosis, wormian bones, fractures, vertebral compression, dysmorphic facies.[] As a result, their shoulders are narrow and sloping, can be brought unusually close together in front of the body, and in some cases can be made to meet in the middle of the[] "Codfish" vertebrae, which are the consequence of spinal compression fractures, seen more commonly in the adult Wormian bones, defined as "sutural bones which are 6 mm by[]

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