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1,647 Possible Causes for Slow Reactions

  • Common Cold

    […] thought process was muddied and their reaction times were slower compared to healthy folks.[] In a study of 200 people, published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, researchers found that those with colds had poor alertness, a negative mood, and psychomotor slowing—their[]

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    Increasing BACs also slowed performance (longer reaction time), but unlike errors, reaction time returned to drug-free baseline levels when BAC was decreasing.[] Alcohol intoxication is manifested by such signs as facial flushing, slurred speech, unsteady gait, euphoria, increased activity, volubility, disorderly conduct, slowed reactions[] Talkative Lowered inhibitions Brighter color in the face Fine motor skills are lacking Excitement Senses are dulled Poor coordination Drowsy Beginnings of erratic behavior Slow[]

  • Insect Bite

    Overwhelming numbers of stings usually occur in young patients or in those slowed by physical limitations or intoxication.[] In addition to reaction to stings, bee venom may be encountered as a result of apiotherapy, a modality used in traditional Chinese medicine.[]

  • Insomnia

    Complications of insomnia may include: Lower performance on the job or at school Slowed reaction time while driving and higher risk of accidents Psychiatric problems, such[] Complications of insomnia may include: Lower performance on the job or at school Slowed reaction time while driving and a higher risk of accidents Mental health disorders,[]

  • Hypersensitivity

    The reaction may depend on the amount of food consumed, the presence of other foods that can slow digestion, and medications such as antihistamines that may hide reactions.The[] Factors increasing risk and/or severity of hypersensitivity reactions (HSRs) in patients given iron infusions.[] If IV iron is to be given to individuals with any of these risk factors, an extremely slow infusion rate and meticulous observation is recommended ( see below ).[]

  • Alcohol Abuse

    reaction times Blurred vision Anxiety Restlessness Lowered inhibitions Denial is often a byproduct of alcohol or other drug abuse.[] Because alcohol dulls the mind and slows reaction time, many people trip, stumble and fall while intoxicated.[] For instance, drinking can impact your reaction time, causing you to have slow reflexes and coordination. That’s why drinking and driving is extremely dangerous.[]

  • Cold Exposure

    In people living in temperate conditions, moderate heat loads (hot bath, sauna) prior to sleep provoke a delayed reaction across time (diachronic reaction) whereby slow-wave[] Relative lack of warmth: Cold slows down chemical reactions. b. The sensation resulting from lack of warmth; chill. 2.[] Third, it is known that the rate of chemical reactions in muscle slows as the temperature drops, primarily because muscle enzyme activity and the production of high-energy[]

  • Malnutrition

    reaction times and trouble paying attention underweight poor growth muscle weakness bloated stomach osteoporosis, or fragile bones that break easily problems with organ function[] […] tiredness) and low energy dizziness poor immune function (which can harm the body's ability to fight off infections) dry, scaly skin swollen and bleeding gums decaying teeth slowed[]

  • Acne Vulgaris

    Although hyperpigmentation is slow to fade, the other reactions usually resolve promptly with discontinuation of therapy.[] Minocycline is also associated with a higher frequency of hypersensitivity reactions than the other tetracyclines.[]

  • Urinary Stress Incontinence

    Slow squeezes can develop stamina, and quick squeezes can help develop a quicker reaction time in moments of urinary stress, like sneezing.[]

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