1,736 Possible Causes for Slurred Speech

  • Insect Bite

    speech with rapid onset Previous severe allergic reaction to bite from the same type of insect NOTE: Anaphylaxis can occur with bee, yellow jacket, wasp, or fire ant stings[westendpedsnyc.com] In the highly sensitive, breathing becomes difficult, speech slurred, and a sense of confusion and impending disaster may take over.[healthcentral.com] 911 Now (your child may need an ambulance) (for symptoms of anaphylaxis) If Difficulty breathing or wheezing Hoarseness or cough with rapid onset Difficulty swallowing or slurred[westendpedsnyc.com]

  • Weaver Syndrome

    Speech may be delayed and when present, may be slurred.[encyclopedia.com] […] and language development Deficiency of speech development Delayed language development Delayed speech Delayed speech acquisition Delayed speech development Impaired speech[rarediseases.info.nih.gov] Speech therapy may help with speech, and behavioral assessments and treatments may help with behavioral problems.[encyclopedia.com]

  • Ataxia Telangiectasia

    The first signs are usually lack of balance, slurred speech, and lack of muscles control.[pediatriconcall.com] Because of the worsening ataxia, children with A-T lose their ability to write, and speech also becomes slowed and slurred.[atcp.org] Due to lack of muscle control children lose their ability to write and speech becomes slowed and slurred. Even eye movements become difficult to control.[pediatriconcall.com]

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    Some less common symptoms may include slurred speech, lack of coordination, sudden onset of paralysis or difficulty processing information.[uwmedicine.org] Speech pathologist: A speech pathologist can help patients improve speech clarity, and some can even work on cognitive exercises for patients who have problems with memory[medicinenet.com] speech Fatigue Dizziness Problems with bowel and bladder function When to see a doctor See a doctor if you experience any of the above symptoms for unknown reasons.[mayoclinic.org]

  • Stroke

    S Speech: Is speech slurred or confusing? T Time: Time is critical!! Call 9-1-1 immediately![health.ny.gov] Speech : Is it jumbled, slurred or lost? Time to call 111. A stroke is an emergency. If you see ANY of these signs call 111 to give someone a better chance of recovery.[health.govt.nz] The signs of a stroke include a sudden severe headache, weakness, numbness, vision problems, confusion, trouble walking or talking, dizziness and slurred speech.[webmd.com]

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    ALS often begins with muscle twitching and weakness in a limb, or slurred speech. Eventually, ALS affects control of the muscles needed to move, speak, eat and breathe.[mayoclinic.org] Sometimes the initial problem can be one of slurred speech or trouble swallowing. As ALS progresses, though, more and more symptoms are noticed.[cedars-sinai.edu] Other early symptoms vary but can include tripping, dropping things, abnormal fatigue of the arms and/or legs, slurred speech, muscle cramps and twitches, and/or uncontrollable[alsa.org]

  • Barbiturate

    But large doses will cause problems such as slurred speech, lack of co-ordination, anger and difficulty remaining awake. However dependence can occur over time.[medic8.com] If your loved one has inappropriately used barbiturates, he or she may display poor judgment, slow speech, and slurred speech.[lasencinashospital.com] The effects of all barbiturates resemble those of alcohol intoxication including: Slurred speech. Loss of motor coordination. Impaired judgment.[pamf.org]

  • Scorpion Sting

    Serious symptoms start within minutes of the sting and may include: Increased salivation (foaming at the mouth or drooling) Blurred vision Trouble focusing Slurred speech[thesurvivaldoctor.com] Difficulty swallowing, excessive drooling, slurred speech. Muscle twitching, restlessness, irritability, respiratory problems and possible respiratory arrest. None[12news.com] Severe symptoms include shortness of breath, fluid in the lungs, breathing problems, excess saliva, blurred vision, slurred speech, trouble swallowing, abnormal eye movements[fda.gov]

  • Wilson Disease

    'By October, after starting uni, my hands would shake and my speech started slurring - it was like I was drunk.[dailymail.co.uk] Neurologic – the patient may present with slurred or slowed speech, tremors, dystonia, and dysphagia. Motor strength is not affected, nor are there sensory defects.[journalofethics.ama-assn.org] […] and gravelly low-pitched speech, loss of balance, and altered handwriting.[blogs.plos.org]

  • Rohypnol

    Rohypnol may cause users to feel intoxicated; they may have slurred speech, impaired judgement, and difficulty walking.[pamf.org] speech, loss of coordination Impaired mental function, confusion Addictive Read More about Rohypnol Featured Articles A marijuana concentrate is a powerful substance that[getsmartaboutdrugs.gov] A person under the influence of Rohypnol can look drunk; have blood shot eyes, slurred speech, and lack of coordination.[drugeducation.org]

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