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3,332 Possible Causes for Small Liver

  • Drug-induced Fever

    This can make you more likely to get liver damage. Some drugs can cause hepatitis with small doses, even if the liver breakdown system is normal.[]

  • Osteoporosis

    Vitamin D can also be found in small quantities in foods such as: fatty fish (salmon, herring, mackerel) liver eggs fortified foods such as low-fat milks and margarine.[] Small increases in serum ALP activity may be seen with liver disease and acute fracture or surgery.[]

  • Pneumonia

    […] diabetes a weakened immune system, for example from chemotherapy or HIV a small hearing device inside your ear (cochlear implant) no spleen or your spleen isn’t working properly[] Vaccination for pneumonia Some people can get the pneumonia vaccination from their GP: babies over 65 People with: a lung condition a chronic illness of the heart, kidney or liver[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    The doctor may find swelling of the spleen or liver The illness usually lasts between one week and several weeks.[] Liver enlargement may occur. A small number of people with mono, about 5%, develop a body-wide red, splotchy rash.[] A small proportion of affected people can take months to return to their normal energy level.[]

  • Endocrine Dysfunction

    We did not present the data according to the severity of the liver disease due to the small sample size.[] Glucagon tells the liver to take carbohydrates out of storage to raise a low blood sugar level that’s too low b.[] […] the relation between the severity of the liver disease and the hypogonadism.[]

  • Appendicitis

    […] bowel atresias Teratomas Skin Lesions Ear tags Melanoma Skin cysts, lumps & moles Spitz nevus Trauma ATOMAC guideline Blunt liver injury Kidney (renal) injury Pancreatic[] Carcinoid metastases to the liver can appear hypervascular and usually show washout on the delayed imaging mimicking hepatocellular carcinomas (Figure 26 ).[] […] injury Small bowel injury Spleen injury Traumatic bronchial injury repair Tumors Hepatoblastoma Lipoblastoma Neuroblastoma Osteosarcoma Ovarian teratoma Pancreatic islet cell[]

  • Wilson Disease

    Diagnosis is confirmed by a liver biopsy (removal of a small sample of liver tissue) showing excessive levels of copper.[] Severe chronic liver disease with small, shrunken liver, splenomegaly and ascites. Fulminant hepatic failure haemolytic anaemia.[] […] biopsy – a small sample of liver tissue is removed and tested for excess copper Genetic testing – which is very helpful when positive.[]

  • Meningitis

    Typical locations of hydatid cysts are the liver and lungs. Less common are cysts in the CNS, which occur in 2 to 8% of patients ( 59 ).[] After ingestion of eggs, the oncospheres are released in the upper small intestine, where they penetrate the intestinal wall and migrate through the blood or lymph stream[]

  • Tuberculosis

    […] lesions or normal chest radiographic findings Healed and latent TB: Dense pulmonary nodules in hilar or upper lobes; smaller nodules in upper lobes Miliary TB: Numerous small[] […] millet seeds Pleural TB: Empyema may be present, with associated pleural effusions Workup considerations for extrapulmonary TB include the following: Biopsy of bone marrow, liver[]

  • Dicrocoelium Dendriticum

    Predicting risk habitats for the transmission of the small liver fluke, Dicrocoelium dendriticum to grazing ruminants. Geospatial Health , 6 (1), 125-131.[] Dicrocoelium dendriticum (Small liver fluke) Reviewed - Annotation score: - Experimental evidence at protein level i PTM / Processing i Molecule processing Feature key Position[]

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