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1,140 Possible Causes for Small Platelets

  • Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome

    Despite the heterogeneity of genetic and clinical findings, a correlation with small platelet size is routinely observed.[] A 7-month-old Korean boy presented with recurrent bloody diarrhea, eczema, and persistent thrombocytopenia with small platelets.[] Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS) is an X-linked recessive disorder characterized by thrombocytopenia, small platelets, eczema, increased susceptibility to infection, and immunodeficiency[]

  • Thrombocytopenia

    It may result in easy bruising and excessive bleeding from wounds or bleeding in mucous membranes and other tissues A condition in which there is an abnormally small number[] Definition (NCI) A condition in which there is an abnormally small number of platelets in the circulating blood.[] […] of platelets in the circulating blood A decrease in the number of platelets in the blood that may result in easy bruising and excessive bleeding from wounds or bleeding in[]

  • Insect Bite

    […] number of patients with dengue fever develop dengue hemorrhagic fever, which causes bleeding and low platelets.36 There is no antiviral medication for dengue fever.[] […] include fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, and a measles-like rash consisting of 2 to 10 mm red macules that become confluent with central areas of spared tissue. 36 A small[]

  • Anemia

    Platelets stick together to seal small cuts or breaks on the blood vessel walls and stop bleeding.[] Extremely large spleens cause abdominal pain and a feeling of fullness after eating a small amount of food.[] White blood cells and platelets (PLATE-lets) also are made in the bone marrow. White blood cells help fight infection.[]

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

    Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is produced in our office by drawing a small amount of blood and processing it to concentrate the platelets within[]

  • Iron Deficiency

    The number of platelets in the blood. Platelets are small cells that are involved in blood clotting. Red blood cell size.[] In severe iron deficiency, the white blood count (WBC) may be low and the platelet count may be high or low. back to top What Other Tests Will Be Done If Iron Deficiency Is[] […] cellular volume (MCV) Low ferritin Low serum iron (FE) High transferrin or total iron-binding capacity (TIBC) Low iron saturation The peripheral smear or blood slide may show small[]

  • Stomatitis

    In peripheral blood smear examination, hypochromic normocytic anemia, a small number of fragmented cells, 4-5 platelet groups, a few mature lymphocytes, and no atypical cells[]

  • Metabolic Syndrome

    […] aggregation, increased levels of plasminogen activator inhibitor 1, elevated uric acid levels, microalbuminuria, and a shift toward small, dense particles of low-density[] […] is associated with a proinflammatory/prothrombotic state that may include elevated levels of C-reactive protein, endothelial dysfunction, hyperfibrinogenemia, increased platelet[]

  • Inherited Platelet Disorder

    Inherited Platelet Disorder Platelets are small cells that circulate in the blood.[] Blood platelets are small cell fragments that help people stop bleeding after blood vessels are damaged.[] […] type vWD Mild Normal or slightly increased Stormorken syndrome Mild to moderate Normal Velocardiofacial syndrome Mild Large Wiskott-Aldrich Severe Small White platelet syndrome[]

  • Puerperium

    It occurs as a result of failure of hemostasis (arrest of bleeding), which may be caused by damage to the wall of small arterial vessels (vascular purpura) in vitamin deficiency[] Failure of hemostasis also may occur as a result of deficiency of platelets in association with such disorders as thrombocytopenia, immunothrombocytopenia, lupus erythematosus[]

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