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498 Possible Causes for Small Scrotum

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

    All 14 boys had a small scrotum, including nine with cryptorchidism. Diagnoses were made with microarray comparative genomic hybridization.[] Males may have a small penis and scrotum. The testicles may be small or not descended from the abdomen into the scrotum (cryptorchidism).[] Different from western patients, the 20 Asian patients exhibited at least five of the following typical features: prominent forehead, narrow face, almond-shaped eyes, small[]

  • Insect Bite

    Small amounts of drug reach the dermis and are then absorbed into the bloodstream.[] Absorption is greater from the scalp, face, eyelid, armpit and scrotum and is also increased if the skin is inflamed.[]

  • Primary Male Hypogonadism

    Hands and feet are small. Other features include cryptorchidism and a hypoplastic penis and scrotum.[] As adults, affected patients have poor muscle development, a high-pitched voice, a small scrotum, decreased phallic and testicular growth, sparse pubic and axillary hair,[] In addition, the operated testes usually remain small in adulthood.[]

  • Laurence Moon Syndrome

    […] penis [ more ] 0000054 Pigmentary retinopathy 0000580 Scrotal hypoplasia Smaller than typical growth of scrotum 0000046 Spastic paraplegia 0001258 Showing of 30 Last updated[] […] available through HPO Abnormality of the hand Abnormal hands Hand anomalies Hand deformities [ more ] 0001155 Autosomal recessive inheritance 0000007 Micropenis Short penis Small[]

  • Delayed Male Puberty

    Defined as absence of initiation of secondary sexual development by 14 years. Cessation of pubertal development may occur in some disorders. History including family history; physical examination including tests of olfaction; assessment of bone age; Luteinising hormone, Follicle stimulating hormone, Prolactin, Thyroid[…][]

  • Microphthalmia Syndromic 6

    scrotum ; Small sella turcica ; Toe syndactyly ; Uplifted earlobe ; Ventriculomegaly Associated Genes BMP4 (Withdrawn symbols: BMP2B ) Mouse Orthologs Bmp4 (Withdrawn symbols[] […] adrenal glands 0000835 Anterior hypopituitarism 0000830 Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the corpus callosum 0007370 Bifid scrotum Cleft of scrotum 0000048 Blindness 0000618 Brachycephaly[] Pituitary hypoplasia is not uncommon and may be associated with hypothyroidism and cryptorchidism with hypospadias, and a small or bifid scrotum.[]

  • Eunuchism

    Sorry, we did not find an exact match. Suggestions See the help to know how search results can be improved Ask in our forum Send us email Browse top entries in English to Hindi Dictionary English: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Hindi: ॐ अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ऋ ए ऐ ऑ ओ औ क ख ग घ च छ ज झ ट ठ ड ढ त थ[…][]

  • Trisomy 8q

    […] penis * Small scrotum * Growth retardation * Mental retardation * Long trunk * Narrow trunk * Sloping shoulders * Narrow pelvis Causes - Chromosome 8- trisomy 8q Not supplied[] […] hypoplasia * Hirsuitism * Agenesis of corpus callosum * Seizures * Abnormal EEG * Congenital heart defects * Kidney abnormalities * Hydronephrosis * Undescended testes * Small[]

  • Kallmann Syndrome

    By defining the chromosomal breakpoint of a balanced t(10;12) translocation from a subject with Kallmann syndrome and scanning genes in its vicinity in unrelated hypogonadal subjects, we have identified WDR11 as a gene involved in human puberty. We found six patients with a total of five different heterozygous WDR11[…][]

  • Pallister-Hall Syndrome

    The patient presented postaxial polydactyly of hands, dysplasic nails, imperforate anus, small penis, scrotum bifidum with very thin urethra, bifid epiglottis and a bilateral[]

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