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908 Possible Causes for Soft Tissue Calcification

  • Malignant Neoplasm

    A soft-tissue mass with calcification may be present.[]

  • Osteoporosis

    Incorrect diagnosis of osteoporosis can be caused by osteomalacia, osteoarthritis or soft-tissue calcification.[]

  • Calcinosis

    This type of calcification can occur as a response to any soft tissue damage, including that involved in implantation of medical devices.[] Radiographically, idiopathic tumoral calcinosis demonstrates lobulated, cloudy soft-tissue calcifications near a joint (A).[] There is also diffuse soft tissue calcification present (red arrows. Tumoral Calcinosis: Pearls, Polemics and Alternative Possibilities. KM Olsen and FS Chew.[]

  • Vitamin D Toxicity

    Since vitamin K is essential to the nervous system and plays important roles in protecting against bone loss and calcification of the peripheral soft tissues, its deficiency[] At best, they will not protect against soft tissue calcification, and at worst, they could perhaps actively faciliate soft tissue calcification.[] tissue calcification, including nephrocalcinosis and kidney stones. 1, 5 The risk of vitamin D toxicity may be increased in individuals who have 5 : granulomatous disorders[]

  • Pseudohypoparathyroidism

    In addition, such bilateral symmetric calcification can sometimes be seen within the thalami and the cortex. Also, soft tissue calcification will be seen.[] tissue calcification exostoses: short metaphyseal or more central and perpendicular to long axis of a bone broad bones with coned epiphyses CNS / head and neck manifestations[] calcifications.[]

  • Calcinosis Universalis

    No cause could be found for the soft tissue calcification. The co-existence of the two diseases is probably incidental.[] […] reported to have soft tissue calcification.[] Resolution of SLE-related soft-tissue calcification following haemopoetic stem cell transplantation. Nephrol Dial Transplant 2008;23:2679-2684. 5.[]

  • Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

    Multiple heterotopic soft tissue calcifications, severe scoliosis and typical anomalies of toes and thumbs on the radiographs were pathognomonic for fibrodysplasia ossificans[] Radiography of the dorsolumbar rachis showed paravertebral soft tissue calcification adjacent to intact lumbar vertebrae.[] Bilateral exuberant soft tissue calcifications were present on the radiographic exams, and the patient also presented with bilateral short-length hallux valgus.[]

  • Parathyroidectomy

    We believe that this is due to a decreased PTH level and decreasing bone turnover which resulted in more circulating calcium facilitating vascular and soft tissue calcification[] soft tissues.[] tissue calcification.[]

  • Calcinosis Circumscripta

    CT scan is very important to evaluate the calcification, bones and joints. MRI has its role in the evaluation of the soft-tissue involvement and inflammatory reaction.[] Resolution of SLE-related soft-tissue calcification following haemopoetic stem cell transplantation. Nephrol Dial Transplant 2008;23:2679-2684. 5.[] Radiographs of both hands show multiple, punctate calcifications (circles) in the soft tissues of both hands characteristic of calcinosis circumscripta.[]

  • Diffuse Scleroderma

    Scleroderma , also known as systemic sclerosis , is an autoimmune connective tissue disorder characterised by multisystem fibrosis and soft tissue calcification.[] Therapy of Calcinosis : The development of calcification under the skin, and in the soft tissues is a major problem in some patients.[]

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