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32 Possible Causes for Somatic Delusional Disorder

  • Depression

    A depression in geology is a landform sunken or depressed below the surrounding area. Depressions form by various mechanisms. Erosion-related: Blowout: a depression created by wind erosion typically in either a partially vegetated sand dune ecosystem or dry soils (such as a post-glacial loess environment). Glacial[…][]

  • Neurotic Disorder

    , Dysmorphophobia (non delusional), Hypochondriacal neurosis, Hypochondriasis, Nosophobia 47.[] The main somatoform disorder that need to be differentiated from hypochondriasis is somatization disorder.[] F45.2 Hypochondriacal Disorder Differential Diagnosis Basic - ruling out underlying organic disease.[]

  • Endogenous Depression

    Abstract We assessed the 8:00 AM ratio of free cortisol/18-hydroxy-11-deoxycorticosterone (18-OH-DOC) in 56 endogenous depressive inpatients and in 22 normal volunteers. A ratio higher than 40 was associated with a diagnostic sensitivity for endogenous depression of 75%, a specificity of 95.5%, and a diagnostic[…][]

  • Severe Depressive Episode

    Major depressive disorder is characterized by the occurence of one or more major depressive episodes and is one of the most common mental disorders. Depression can occur only once in life but people can show multiple episodes of depression over the cause of their lives. During these episodes, the following[…][]

  • Conversion Disorder

    This paper outlines the successful psychoanalytic treatment of a latency-aged boy with severe conversion disorder. Details of clinical treatment are presented. As no tested treatment has yet been found that reliably treats chronic conversion in children, this case is of importance in demonstrating the usefulness[…][]

  • Hysterical Neurosis

    Abstract Hysterical neurosis, though infrequently diagnosed in the West, is still one of the commonest mental disorders in India. In this study, 38 women with an index diagnosis of hysterical neurosis were evaluated after a period of 5 years; 63% of the patients remained totally asymptomatic. The premorbid hysterical[…][]

  • Somatic Delusional Disorder

    A case of somatic delusional disorder with a severe secondary eating disorder is described.[] Home OSTMED-DR Anorexia nervosa presenting as a somatic delusional disorder responsive to pharmacotherapy To link to this object, paste this link in email, IM or document[] I believe my husband suffers with a somatic delusional disorder. He has been diagnosed with psychotic depression, and this has been going on for 2 years now.[]

  • Psychosexual Disorder

    Psychosexual disorder is a sexual problem that is psychological, rather than physiological in origin. "Psychosexual disorder" was a term used in Freudian psychology. The term of psychosexual disorder (Turkish: Psikoseksüel bozukluk) used by the TAF for homosexuality as a reason to ban the LGBT people from military[…][]

  • Organic Delusional Disorder

    After further examination, however, she was found to be suffering from Somatic Delusional Disorder.[] […] parasitosis is called “delusional disorder, somatic type.”[] Paroxetine treatment of delusional disorder, somatic type. Hum Psychopharmacol, 19(5), 351-352. Jaspers, K. (1967). General Psychopathology.[]

  • Hypochondriasis

    The belief in Criterion A is not of delusional intensity (as in Delusional Disorder, Somatic Type) and is not restricted to a circumscribed concern about appearance (as in[] The belief in Criterion A is not of delusional intensity (as in Delusional Disorder , Somatic Type) and is not restricted to a circumscribed concern about appearance (as in[] The belief in the first category is not of delusional intensity (as in delusional disorder, somatic type) and is not restricted to a circumscribed concern about appearance[]

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