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275 Possible Causes for Spondylolisthesis, Urinary Incontinence

  • Spinal Cord Lesion

    […] disks, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the canal through which the spinal cord travels), scoliosis and kyphotic deformities (abnormal curvature or bending of the spine) and spondylolisthesis[] Two females in each group underwent tension-free vaginal tape for stress urinary incontinence (SUI), reducing episodes per week of SUI by 90% after 5 years.[] Progressive lower back pain, paraplegia, and urinary incontinence subsequently developed.[]

  • Spinal Stenosis

    What causes spinal stenosis/degenerative spondylolisthesis? How does my doctor tell if I have spinal stenosis/degenerative spondylolisthesis?[] We report a case of a skeletally immature achondroplastic adolescent with significant thoracolumbar lordosis who presented with neurogenic claudication and urinary incontinence[] incontinence.[]

  • Spinal Cord Infarction

    Spondyloarthrosis (osteoarthritis of the intervertebral joints) Spondylolisthesis (displacement and spinal instability) Spondylosis Vertebral hemangioma (vertebral angioma[] incontinence.[] A catheter may be necessary for patients with urinary incontinence.[]

  • Subdural Hematoma

    Surgical diagnoses for previous spinal surgeries were intervertebral disc herniation (5), spinal canal stenosis and spondylolisthesis (6), failed back syndrome (2), tethered[] In elderly patients with CSDH, symptoms of cognitive change (memory disturbance, urinary incontinence, and decreased activity) and disturbance of consciousness at admission[] A 55-year-old man was admitted to our hospital complaining of headache, seizure, and urinary incontinence.[]

  • Sciatica

    For spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis, surgery is superior to physical activity up to greater than 2 years follow-up.[] Sciatica can also be associated with muscle failure and urinary incontinence.[] Further, if fragments of the disk lodge in the spinal canal, the nerves that control bowel and urinary functions may be damaged. Incontinence may result.[]

  • Cauda Equina Syndrome

    Spondylolisthesis can cause compression as the vertebrae slips forwards 3. Tumours and Cancer Rare but serious, cancer can cause a compression of the cord.[] In the PED, the unusual clinical presentation of severe back pain and urinary incontinence initially mimicked cauda equina syndrome and led to delayed correct diagnosis.[] Causes of CES can include: Trauma A herniated or bulging disc Spinal stenosis Tumors Paget’s disease Ankylosing spondylitis Spondylolisthesis Bone spurs Arthritis of the spine[]

  • Kyphosis

    […] year-old female patient presented with a disabling lumbo-sacral kyphosis fused in situ through previous operations with residual low-grade wound infection and grade IV L5/S1 spondylolisthesis[] We report a case of a skeletally immature achondroplastic adolescent with significant thoracolumbar lordosis who presented with neurogenic claudication and urinary incontinence[] […] deficiencies such as vitamin D deficiency Developmental problems such as Scheuermann’s Disease, in which the spine and discs grow at an abnormal rate Trauma such as fractures Spondylolisthesis[]

  • Paraplegia

    In addition, the deep tendon reflexes of lower extremities increased during hospitalization which indicated that paraplegia was not caused by the lumbar spondylolisthesis.[] A 57-year-old male 8 days after uneventful OPCAP presented with severe lower extremity pain and sudden fecal and urinary incontinence, followed by the absence of pulsations[] Urinary and fecal storage or emptying problems, leading to retention/constipation or incontinence.[]

  • Leptomeningeal Metastasis

    Grade 3 L5-S1 spondylolisthesis was seen on plain radiographs, computed tomography scans, and magnetic resonance imaging scans.[] While urinary incontinence is common in the community and is often functional, neurogenic causes must also be considered.[] For instance, a single patient may present with diplopia and urinary incontinence. Stroke-like episodes have also been described in LM patients.[]

  • Herniated Disc

    Contraindications include sequestration, infection, segmental instability (spondylolisthesis), uncorrected coagulopathy or a patient unwilling to provide informed consent.[] Doctors say you should go to the emergency room if you experience urinary incontinence or uncontrolled sphincters.[] […] herniation treated conservatively; (2) have at least two imaging evaluations of the lumbar spine; and (3) exclude patients with prior lumbar surgery, spinal infections, tumors, spondylolisthesis[]

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