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134 Possible Causes for Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes, Vaginal Discharge

  • Labor

    Examination revealed a crowning fetal head, no fetal heart tones, and purulent vaginal discharge.[] Vaginal discharge (lochia). Immediately following birth you will experience a bloody discharge heavier than a regular period.[] Postpartum, the patient experienced irritative voiding symptoms, vaginal stenosis, and cystoscopic evidence of injury to the bladder base.[]

  • Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes

    discharge in pregnancy Feeding Pathways Secondary lactose intolerance Gastro-oesophageal reflux Faltering growth in infants Cow's milk protein allergy Colic in Infants Feeding[] CONCLUSIONS: There is a 24 h rhythm in the timing of spontaneous rupture of membranes in term gestations.[] . · Positive fern test (air-dry a drop of the vaginal discharge on a slide and examine for arborisation). · The pH of the vaginal discharge is more than 7, in the absence[]

  • Vaginitis

    Vaginal discharge Normal vagina and cervix during a medical speculum exam demonstrating IUD strings at the opening of the cervix and normal milky white vaginal discharge on[] […] abortion maternal infection postpartum endometritis neonatal complications include low birth weight prematurity Trichomoniasis prematurity premature rupture of membranes[] A patient with a long history of recurrent vaginal discharge had no evidence of infection.[]

  • Vaginal Candidiasis

    RESULTS: The prevalence of abnormal vaginal discharge in pregnancy was 31.5%.[] Preterm prelabour rupture of the membranes 2. Spontaneous pregnancy loss 3. Mode of birth 4. Duration of maternal hospitalisation at the time of birth 5.[] RESULTS: Candida species were detected in the test group in 60% (n 600/1000) cases of infective vaginal discharge while 12% (120/1000) in the control group.[]

  • Bacterial Vaginosis

    BV sufferers describe the discharge as yogurt-like or pasty. The condition may also cause vaginal itching & redness.[] […] preterm prelabour rupture of membranes, and hence, BV is a major determinant to the prematurity-related disease burden [ 12 ].[] Preterm premature rupture of the membranes and spontaneous preterm labour accounts for approximately 80% of preterm deliveries; the remaining 20% are planned deliveries for[]

  • Preterm Labor

    The results of vaginal discharge tests and maternal serum C-reactive protein (CRP) level at admission, placental biopsy, and perinatal outcomes were searched.[] Cesarean section was performed 9 days later after spontaneous rupture of membranes with excellent outcome. The same approach is suggested for similar cases.[] OBJECTIVE: Premature aging and short telomere lengths of fetal tissues are associated with spontaneous preterm labor (PTL) and preterm premature rupture of membranes (pPROM[]

  • Puerperium

    The colour of lochia (vaginal discharge)is bright red on postpartum days 3-4, reddish-brown after day 3-10 and then turns yellow.[] 'show', spontaneous rupture of membranes, complete effacement of the cervix).[] Ask her whether she has a lot of vaginal discharge and what colour it is.[]

  • Birth

    Vaginal discharge You'll have a vaginal discharge (lochia) for a number of weeks after delivery. Expect a bright red, heavy flow of blood for the first few days.[] 'show', spontaneous rupture of membranes, complete effacement of the cervix).[] Common symptoms of STIs include vaginal discharge, urethral discharge or burning in men, genital ulcers, and abdominal pain.[]

  • Cervical Incompetence

    All women complained of increased vaginal discharge, but no other significant complications were observed that could be attributed to the use of pessary.[] Outcomes oberved were as follows: (1) prolongation of pregnancy in weeks after cervical cerclage, (2) presence of spontaneous rupture of membranes or clinical chorioamnionitis[] Some women have subtle symptoms, such as backaches or heavy vaginal discharge, but there may be little or no bleeding or pain until it's too late.[]

  • Amnionitis

    […] present with the following maternal signs and symptoms: 1,2 fever abdominal pain / uterine tenderness raised white blood cell count ( 15 000 cells/mm 3 ) purulent or foul vaginal[] . - 12-24 wks: usually normal - 24 wks: oligohydramnios from PROM; fetal tachycardia * Spontaneous abortion. * Prematurity from premature rupture of membranes * Fetal pneumonia[] rupture who are given expectant management (waiting for spontaneous labor).[]

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