2,152 Possible Causes for Sputum

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    A runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, cough, and sputum production are the hallmark symptoms of URIs.[healthline.com]

  • Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis

    Symptoms of Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis Progressive breathing difficulty Productive cough Thick sputum Chunky sputum Yellow-whitish sputum more symptoms...»[rightdiagnosis.com] […] lung biopsy Clinical Findings Almost 1/3 may be asymptomatic even with abnormal chest radiographs Symptoms, which are usually gradual in onset, include: Dry cough (or scant sputum[learningradiology.com] Cough is usually nonproductive, but is sometimes accompanied by sputum described as 'white and gummy' or 'chunky'. Fever and weight loss can also occur.[jmedicalcasereports.com]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Available blood and sputum cultures were analysed. A total of 165 elderly persons (mean age, 82 /-6.8 years) were hospitalised with a lower respiratory tract infection.[lirias.kuleuven.be] Cough was reported by all patients, 85 patients (73%) produced sputum, 61 patients (52%) had discolored sputum and 78 patients (67%) suffered from dyspnea.[karger.com] Purulent sputum is usually the best way to do this. Investigations You're basically trying to see how bad the pneumonia is.[medrevise.co.uk]

  • Influenza

    The faces soon wear a bluish cast; a distressing cough brings up the blood stained sputum. In the morning the dead bodies are stacked about the morgue like cord wood.”[influenzaarchive.org] Later, the cough can become severe and bring up phlegm (sputum). The skin may be warm and flushed, especially on the face.[merckmanuals.com] The faces wore a bluish cast; a cough brought up the blood-stained sputum. NARRATION: On the day that Vaughan arrived, 63 men died at Camp Devens.[pbs.org]

  • Tolazoline

    Effect of tolazoline hydrochloride on sputum viscosity in cystic fibrosis Free Elizabeth A.[thorax.bmj.com] Measurement, by means of a Ferranti-Shirely cone and plate viscometer, of several different aspects of sputum viscosity is described.[thorax.bmj.com] Tolazoline hydrochloride, administered to five patients with cystic fibrosis, was shown not to differ significantly from a placebo in its effect on sputum viscosity and dynamic[thorax.bmj.com]

  • Sinusitis

    Fever, headache, postnasal discharge of thick sputum, nasal congestion and an abnormal sense of smell.[radiopaedia.org] Nasal swabs and transantral aspirations can give specific information about sinus infections. 4 Sputum samples are also quite useful, and it is typical that patients are infected[web.stanford.edu]

  • Pulmonary Veno-Occlusive Disease

    Sputum collection and processing Sputum from every patient was obtained by a non-invasive manner without any induction by hypertonic saline solution.[journals.plos.org] Golde score from the tissue was 304, as compared to 252 in the sputum.[journals.plos.org] All PVOD patients with evaluable cells in their sputum had a Golde score 200.[journals.plos.org]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    […] yellow or green sputum is described with an acute cough.[pulmccm.org] Cough features initially dry and nonproductive small amounts of viscid sputum are raised after a few hours or days sputum may be more abundant and mucoid or mucopurulent Symptoms[medbullets.com] Sputum amount was classified as scanty ( 50 cc/day), and sputum color was classified as white, yellow, brown, or green.[journals.plos.org]

  • Pharyngitis

    A chest x-ray and multiple sputum cultures for acid-fast bacilli are typically part of the initial evaluation.[boundless.com] However, the difficult culture process for this slow-growing organism can take two to six weeks for blood or sputum culture.[boundless.com] The classic symptoms of active TB infection are a chronic cough with blood -tinged sputum, fever, night sweats, and weight loss.[boundless.com]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    Making the diagnosis Depending on the type of infection, a diagnosis is made by testing blood, sputum * , or cerebrospinal fluid samples for signs of the bacteria.[humanillnesses.com] If pneumonia is suspected, a chest X-ray will be done and a sample of the sputum will be sent for culture.[emedicinehealth.com] […] surgical procedures, including dental work, to help prevent endocarditis from developing from the shedding of bacteria into the bloodstream that occurs with these procedures. * sputum[humanillnesses.com]

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