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448 Possible Causes for Steroid-Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome

  • Focal Glomerulosclerosis

    Abstract Patients with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome often have an unsatisfactory long-term outcome and are at risk of developing chronic renal failure.[] Cyclosporin may have a role, as yet not fully defined, in the treatment of steroid-resistant or dependent nephrotic syndrome.[] Abstract Steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome of childhood poses a dilemma in attempting to balance toxicity of medications against long-term prognosis.[]

  • Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome

    RESULTS: Steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome manifested in the first 5 years of life in 64% of the patients.[] […] podocin, are typically responsible for childhood-onset steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome in European populations.[] Mutations of NPHS1 and NPHS2, which encode the slit diaphragm components nephrin and podocin, cause CNS and autosomal-recessive familial steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome[]

  • Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

    Abstract Steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome (SRNS) represents glomerular disease resulting from a number of different etiologies leading to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis[] KEYWORDS: Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis; Next-generation sequencing; Steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome; Whole-exome analysis[] We present two cases with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome (SRNS) and two cases with steroid-dependent nephrotic syndrome (SDNS) due to focal segmental glomerulonephritis[]

  • Frasier Syndrome

    Of 21 girls with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome secondary to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) who were screened for mutations in the WT1 gene, two showed Frasier[] The possibility of this disease should be taken into consideration whenever we encounter a patient with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome and delayed puberty.[] The diagnosis of Frasier syndrome is based on the association of male pseudohermaphroditism (as a result of gonadal dysgenesis), with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome[]

  • Nephrotic Syndrome

    syndrome; Nephrotic syndrome; RAAS: renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system; SRNS: steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome; SSNS: steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome; VPF: vascular[] MATERIALS AND METHODS: Forty-three children with steroid- and cyclosporine-resistant or steroid- and cyclosporine-dependent noncongenital nephrotic syndrome were included[] MATERIALS AND METHODS: Overall 43 children were evaluated including 14 patients with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome (SRNS) aged 9 6 years and 29 with steroid-sensitive[]

  • Schimke Immunoosseous Dysplasia

    It is emphasized that this disorder should be considered in children with steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome and bone dysplasia.[] Keywords: Schimke syndrome, steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, cerebral infarct, spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia[] He developed progressive renal failure and steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome, so kidney biopsy was performed and revealed focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis.[]

  • Glomerulosclerosis

    The rate of complete remission after induction therapy of steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome (SRNS) with focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) was reported to be[] Rapid remission of steroid and mycophenolate mofetil (mmf)-resistant minimal change nephrotic syndrome after rituximab therapy.[] Prednisolone was effective initially in 17 of 45 patients with nephrotic syndrome and cyclophosphamide was effective initially in 8 of 26 patients with steroid resistant nephrotic[]

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    Here, we have described a primary adrenal insufficiency syndrome and steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome caused by loss-of-function mutations in sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase[] MIRAGE syndrome ( SAMD9 ); and most recently a syndrome combining FGD with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome and ichthyosis caused by mutations in the gene for sphingosine[] nephrotic syndrome.[]

  • Lipoid Nephrosis

    Cyclosporine and steroid therapy in children with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome. Pediatr Nephrol. 2009 Nov. 24(11):2177-85. [Medline].[] Long-term cyclosporine A treat-ment of steroid-resistant and steroid- dependent nephrotic syndrome. Am J Kidney Dis 1991;18:583-8. [ PUBMED ] 35.[] Treatment with tacrolimus and prednisolone is preferable to intravenous cyclophosphamide as the initial therapy for children with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome.[]

  • Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome Type Finnish

    TERMINOLOGY Abbreviations Finnish nephropathy (FN) Synonyms Microcystic kidney disease Definitions Steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome in neonates up to 3 months of age due[] nephrotic syndrome. 3.[] Literatur Antignac C (2005) Molecular basis of steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome. Nefrologia 25(Suppl 2): 25–28.[]

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