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129 Possible Causes for Strangury

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  • Urinary Tract Infection

    To investigate the effect of adding point-of-care (POC) susceptibility testing to POC culture on appropriate use of antibiotics as well as clinical and microbiological cure for patients with suspected uncomplicated urinary tract infection (UTI) in general practice. Open, individually randomised controlled trial. General[…][]

  • Tuberculosis

    The study aims to evaluate the clinical efficacy of bilateral costotransverse debridement, transpedicular fixation, fusion, and local continuous chemotherapy in 20 patients of contiguous multisegmental thoracic spinal tuberculosis (CMTSTB). We analyzed 20 patients with contiguous thoracic spinal tuberculosis (TB) who[…][]

  • Cystitis

    This is called strangury. Needing to pass urine frequently: Often only small amounts may be passed.[]

  • Urethral Stricture

    05 - 27 03 Decreased Stream of 30 29 01 - 23 07 Micturition Prolonged 30 03 23 04 28 02 Micturition Haematuria 06 - 02 04 06 - - Incontinence of urine 09 02 06 01 06 - - Strangury[]

  • Urethral Foreign Body

    If a foreign body coming from the bladder is too large to pass, dysuria, strangury or anuria soon manifest themselves. Thus in v.[] The term strangury has been replaced with the more general term bladder spasms. 9 Treatment.[] Of those who seek medical attention, haematuria, dysuria, urinary frequency, strangury and urinary retention are the most common presenting features [ 2 - 5 ].[]

  • Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%)


  • Urinary Tract Hemorrhage

    This case demonstrates the use of vasodilators to reactivate an intermittent urinary tract hemorrhage. The site of bleeding was demonstrated and treated with subselective embolization.[]

  • Benincasa Hispida

    It is also useful in case of insanity, epilepsy and other nervous diseases, strangury and urinary calculi.[]

  • Rhizoma Pinelliae

    262 Barbarian Qi 263 Womens Disorders 265 Menstrual Disease 267 Childbirth Pregnancy 271 Postpartum Conditions 281 Diseases Ascribed to Qi Blood 289 Flooding Leaking 293 Strangury[]

  • Bladder Polyp

    Polyps of the gall-bladder has long been a serious diagnostic problem. Their detection in routine ultrasound is not yet satisfactory and often does not allow you to select the proper method of operating the gall-bladder. The aim of the study was to assess the accuracy of ultrasound diagnosis of polypoid lesions[…][]

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