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185 Possible Causes for Strawberry Tongue

  • Scarlet Fever

    strawberry tongue).[] There is redness and swelling of the tongue with spots called ‘Strawberry tongue’.[] The white membrane falls off leaving a shiny, bright red tongue (red strawberry tongue).[]

  • Viral Exanthem

    tongue -Diffuse sandpaper-like rash (skin folds, antecubital fossa) -- desquamation -------------------------------------- Antibiotics Erythema Infectiosum -caused by?[] He was seen again in a tertiary hospital and he was found to have high fever of 39.7 C, strawberry tongue, fissured red lips, and maculopapular...[] […] associated w/ group A Strep (pyogenes) infection -Kids 1-10 -------------------------------------- -Abrupt onset fever, headache, vomiting, sore throat -Flushed cheeks -Strawberry[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    However, other skin signs of scarlet fever such as red strawberry tongue and linear petechial eruption did not appear.[] White strawberry tongue observed in streptococcal pharyngitis. Image courtesy of J. Bashera.[] The rash may feel like sandpaper when touched a bright red tongue (known as ‘strawberry tongue’) paleness around the mouth.[]

  • Kawasaki Disease

    tongue" where the tongue is red, swollen, and has raised bumps Swollen lymph nodes in the neck The order in which symptoms appear can vary.[] Within KD, oral mucositis - represented by diffuse mucous membrane erythema, lip and tongue reddening and lingual papillae hypertrophy with subsequent development of strawberry[] tongue", and erythema of the lips; (4) indurative edema of hands and feet with palm and sole erythema followed by desquamation of the fingertips; and (5) an erythematous[]

  • Pharyngitis due to Group A Beta-Hemolytic Streptococcus

    Pus on the tonsils was less common and strawberry tongue more common in patients with eruptions than in those without.[] Tonsils (if present) are usually enlarged and erythematous with patchy exudates on their surfaces, while the tongue is red and swollen (often designated “strawberry tongue[] The rash may feel like sandpaper when touched a bright red tongue (known as ‘strawberry tongue’) paleness around the mouth.[]

  • Tongue Disease

    Strawberry tongue might also be sign of Kawasaki disease, which affects lymph nodes.[] Hemangioma Glossitis - some types of glossitis are caused by infections, e.g. median rhomboid glossitis (Candida species), "strawberry tongue" (seen in scarlet fever), and[] If it’s continually red, called “raspberry tongue” or “strawberry tongue”, scarlet fever is a likely cause.[]

  • Toxic Shock Syndrome

    Redness of the eyes, the lips, and the tongue [strawberry tongue] may also occur. The rash also can occur on the palms and soles of the feet .)[] Toxic Shock Syndrome Pictures Toxic shock syndrome commonly causes a red strawberry tongue. Click to view larger image.[]

  • Lingual Papillitis

    Differential diagnoses are Strawberry tongue of scarlet fever (widespread erythema and minute papules on skin), hand-foot-mouth disease (vesicles on palms and soles), and[] tongue’ of scarlet fever.[] (commonly referred to as “strawberry tongue”).[]

  • Pharyngitis

    The tongue may be bright red with a white coating (strawberry tongue). 4 Other Bacterial Causes of Pharyngitis Gonococcal pharyngitis occurs in sexually active patients 18[] There is circum- oral pallor and a strawberry tongue. There may be Pasita lines (petechiae) in the antecubital fossa area. May be accentuated in the underpants area.[] tongue.[]

  • Viral Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

    Occasional strains of S. pyogenes elaborate the erythrogenic toxin of scarlet fever, resulting in a striking rash and "red strawberry tongue" with enlargement of the papillae[] Other features include bilateral, nonpurulent conjunctivitis, erythema with fissuring, cracking, and bleeding of the lips, strawberry tongue, edema of the hands and feet with[]

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