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113 Possible Causes for Strawberry Tongue, Virus

  • Pharyngitis

    Forty-eight (58 %) patients had virus-positive samples, with 49 virus positives detected by either swab (one patient had a dual viral co-infection).[] The tongue may be bright red with a white coating (strawberry tongue). 4 Other Bacterial Causes of Pharyngitis Gonococcal pharyngitis occurs in sexually active patients 18[] There is circum- oral pallor and a strawberry tongue. There may be Pasita lines (petechiae) in the antecubital fossa area. May be accentuated in the underpants area.[]

  • Kawasaki Disease

    Some viruses including human adenovirus, coronavirus, and parainfluenza virus type 3 have been isolated from patients with Kawasaki disease.[] tongue", and erythema of the lips; (4) indurative edema of hands and feet with palm and sole erythema followed by desquamation of the fingertips; and (5) an erythematous[] Kawasaki disease, along with other disorders, such as Ebstein Barr Virus infection, are conditions that may lead HLH.[]

  • Viral Exanthem

    Rare causes include Epstein-Barr virus (as a part of infectious mononucleosis) and Coxsackie A virus.[] tongue -Diffuse sandpaper-like rash (skin folds, antecubital fossa) -- desquamation -------------------------------------- Antibiotics Erythema Infectiosum -caused by?[] He was seen again in a tertiary hospital and he was found to have high fever of 39.7 C, strawberry tongue, fissured red lips, and maculopapular...[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    One woman shares her scary experience battling the virus—and why she decided to make the flu shot an annual ritual.[] However, other skin signs of scarlet fever such as red strawberry tongue and linear petechial eruption did not appear.[] Other organisms involved in guttate psoriasis are Staphylococcus aureus , Candida , and viruses such as human papillomavirus, human immunodeficiency virus, and human endogenous[]

  • Scarlet Fever

    The possible role of virus-induced interferon in locally modifying the effect of streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxin is explored.[] strawberry tongue).[] Laboratory studies revealed elevated liver transaminases and negative antibody tests against hepatitis viruses A, B and C, cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr virus.[]

  • Tongue Disease

    Bluetongue is caused by a virus of the family Orbivirus. This virus causes leaky blood vessels and hemorrhagic disease that usually leads to death.[] Strawberry tongue might also be sign of Kawasaki disease, which affects lymph nodes.[] Hemangioma Glossitis - some types of glossitis are caused by infections, e.g. median rhomboid glossitis (Candida species), "strawberry tongue" (seen in scarlet fever), and[]

  • Atypical Measles

    […] against measles virus (MV) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) to the respective wild-type agents in the 1960s.[] In the mouth, look for “strawberry tongue” and red, fissured lips. Conjunctivitis is bilateral and nonpurulent. Figure 12. Drug-induced exanthema.[] tongue an erythematous base higher as the Circumoral pallor, tonsillitis for 3-5 day, desquam- rash appears ation after 1 week Enteroviral Echovirus, Accompanied by respiratory[]

  • Toxic Shock Syndrome

    These data suggest that the CA-MRSA-induced activation of SEB-reactive T cells may cause TSS in patients with pH1N1 virus infection.[] Redness of the eyes, the lips, and the tongue [strawberry tongue] may also occur. The rash also can occur on the palms and soles of the feet .)[] Influenza A virus.[]

  • Reye Syndrome

    We suspect that there is a continuum of Reye syndrome and virus-associated encephalopathy with significant overlap.[] tongue; (4) edematous change of palms and soles, followed by digit desquamation; (5) an ill-defined, erythematous plaque on the scar of the BCG.[] Fifteen of 269 children with Reye syndrome has been inoculated with live virus vaccines within 30 days before onset of illness.[]

  • Erythema Infectiosum

    […] with rubella virus and to learn whether or not rubella virus vaccination prevents the disease.[] Red strawberry tongue occurs after desquamation of the white coating.[] Once the virus enters the host cell and provokes an immune response, the host cell produces IgM against the virus along with the formation of immune complexes.[]

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