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85 Possible Causes for Subcutaneous Crepitus

  • Gas Gangrene

    Physical exam demonstrated an erythematous and edematous left foot with subcutaneous crepitus along the plantar surface.[] Crepitus. Subcutaneous tissue has a wooden, hardened texture (so that is not possible to detect fascial planes and muscle groups by palpation).[] When the swollen area is pressed, gas can be felt as a crackly sensation (crepitus).[]

  • Tension Pneumothorax

    Developing crepitus due to subcutaneous air can severely limit pleural ultrasound (US) views and hinder the diagnosis of pneumothorax by pleural US.[]

  • Penetrating Chest Trauma

    He had palpable subcutaneous crepitus over the chest and abdomen with massive scrotal swelling, and his back exam revealed multiple penetrating wounds ( Figure 1 ).[] Crepitus, subcutaneous emphysema, pulsatile bleeding, or any obvious deformities can be indications of additional intrathoracic trauma.[] Penetrating trauma violating the pleura resulted in the introduction of air within the subcutaneous tissues.[]

  • Subcutaneous Emphysema

    Crepitation, subcutaneous (subcutaneous crepitus, subcutaneous emphysema) . 2. Agarwal IT, Long DE. Radiological Case of the Month Discussion .[] […] two names for subcutaneous emphysema 1. subcutaneous crepitus 2. subcutaneous crepitation list 8 causes of subcutaneous emphysema 1. blunt force 2. inhaling cocaine 3. penetrating[] Melissa Moye, BSN, RN, CCRN, CLNC, replies : Subcutaneous emphysema (SCE), also known as subcutaneous crepitus and subcutaneous crepitation, occurs when air or another gas[]

  • Mediastinal Emphysema

    She was also noticed to have subcutaneous swelling and crepitus over the neck and upper anterior chest region, bilateral rhonchi with prolonged expiratory phase.[] He was noted to have subcutaneous swelling and crepitus over the neck from below the mandible, upper anterior chest region, abdomen and both upper limbs.[] On physical examination, crepitus (subcutaneous emphysema) is commonly present in the chest wall or neck.[]

  • Bronchopleural Fistula

    […] of his face, chest, and extremities due to subcutaneous air (Figure).[] Liang, PharmD Naval Medical Center San Diego, Department of Pharmacy, San Diego, California A 58-year-old man presented to the emergency department with diffuse swelling and crepitus[]

  • Necrotizing Fasciitis

    Acute infection, often accompanied by toxic shock syndrome, rapid progression of marked edema to violaceous bullae and necrosis of subcutaneous tissue, absence of crepitus[] […] tissues in the fascial planes Crepitus due to production of gas in the tissues.[] […] gas crepitus and a general clinical aspect of severe sepsis and septic shock.[]

  • Alveolar Rupture

    Physical examination showed that the patient had recovered from perioral cyanosis, but she had developed subcutaneous emphysema with crepitus over the clavicle and axillary[] On physical examination, crepitus (subcutaneous emphysema) is commonly present in the chest wall or neck.[] On examination, patient comfortably speaking with the presence of diffuse subcutaneous swelling and bilateral palpable crepitus on the anterior aspect of neck, extending from[]

  • Anaerobic Bacterial Infection

    Note: crepitus and crepitation are interchangeable. debridement: removal of devitalized tissue crepitation: build up of gas in subcutaneous tissues usually due to C. perfingens[]

  • Tracheobronchial Injury

    The chest wall was non-tender without crepitus. No abnormalities were obtained in neurological examination.[] Pneumomediastinum and subcutaneous gas especially throughout the left neck was obtained in Computed tomography (CT) scan of neck and thorax (without contrast) (Figure 2a,2b[]

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