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34 Possible Causes for Subungual Fibroma

  • Tuberous Sclerosis

    A subungual fibroma was present on the third finger of the right hand.[] She had adenoma sebaceum, subungual fibromas and hepatomegaly.[] Periungual or subungual fibromas are pink or flesh-colored nodules that grow in the finger or toe nail beds in patients with TSC.[]

  • Subungual Fibroma

    The patient was having pain associated with the subungual fibromas and nail plate distortion.[] @article{021e67edf64b423394b110bd05acc662, title "Successful treatment of subungual fibromas of tuberous sclerosis with topical rapamycin", author "Muzic, {John G.} and Kindle[] fibroma koenen tumor ?[]

  • Exostosis

    Subscription Required Differential Diagnosis & Pitfalls Subungual fibroma Subungual wart Epidermoid cyst Myxoid cyst Secondary subungual calcification due to trauma or psoriasis[] The differential diagnosis includes benign subungual tumors (subungual osteochondroma, glomus tumor, pyogenic granuloma, verruca vulgaris, fibroma), malignant subungual tumors[] Codes ICD10CM: D16.9 – Benign neoplasm of bone and articular cartilage, unspecified SNOMEDCT: 26904005 – Subungual exostosis Look For Subscription Required Diagnostic Pearls[]

  • Fibroma

    Abstract We describe an interesting case of pleomorphic fibroma of the subungual region in a middle aged woman who presented with a recurrence of thickening, lateral ridging[] It is a benign, slow growing tumor that has only been reported in the subungual region twice previously.[] Pleomorphic fibroma is a rare mesenchymal neoplasm characterized by atypical spindled cells amidst a collagenous stroma.[]

  • Subependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma

    fibroma (2.7%), fibroadenom in the neck (2.7%).[] […] angiomyolipomas (37.8%), hypomelanotic macules (91.9%), Convulsion (54.1%), adenoma sebaceum (32.4%) , West syndrome (16.22%), shagreeen patch (16.2%), intracardiac tumor (37.8%), subungual[]

  • Familial Spontaneous Pneumothorax

    Common skin findings of TSC include: Angiofibromas (acne-like small reddish nodular lesions on the face, especially the nose and cheeks) Subungual fibromas (fibrous nodules[]

  • Rhabdomyoma of the Myocardium

    Other late-occurring cutaneous manifestations of tuberous sclerosis include subcutaneous nodules, subungual fibromas, linear epidermal nevi, and café-au-lait pigmentation.[]

  • Cystic Lung Disease

    Common skin findings of TSC include: Angiofibromas (acne-like small reddish nodular lesions on the face, especially the nose and cheeks) Subungual fibromas (fibrous nodules[]

  • Muckle Wells Syndrome

    […] periungual fibromas Fabry dz polyarteritis nodosa perforating disorders claciphylaxis rare genetic X-linked recessive lysosomal storage dz deficiency in lysosomal enxyme[] fibromas skin colored nodules on finger/toenails shagreen patch skin colored plaque made of dermal CT HAMARTOMASSSS Harmatomas in CNS skin Angiofibromas Mitral regurg Ash-leaf[] […] sclerosis) autosomal dOminant inheritance Mental retardation (intellectual disability) renal Angiomyolipoma Seizures Shagreen patches Subependymal giant cell astrycytoma Subungual[]

  • Chondromyxoid Fibroma

    The breakpoint on 6q13 was located within the COL12A1 gene, a collagen gene purportedly involved in another benign bone tumor, subungual exostosis.[] Aberrations of 6q13 mapped to the COL12A1 locus in chondromyxoid fibroma . Mod. Pathol. 22 , 1499–1506 (2009). 5. Mertens, F. et al.[] The findings of this study expand our knowledge of chromosomal alterations in chondromyxoid fibroma, identify COL12A1 as the likely gene candidate within the recurrent 6q13[]

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