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334 Possible Causes for Swelling of Eyelid, Tinnitus

  • Sinusitis

    A young adolescent patient presented to the emergency department with forehead and eyelid swelling after a week of nasal discharge that was suspicious for Pott's puffy tumor[] Our group's expertise also covers voice and swallowing disorders (hoarseness, acid reflux, swallowing difficulty), hearing and equilibrium disorders (hearing loss, tinnitus[] Rarely it can spread into the eye with swelling of the eyelids and sometimes an abscess can form that can threaten vision.[]

  • Fabry Disease

    Tinnitus and progressive sensorineural hearing loss are frequent complains. A stabilization of hearing function has been reported with enzyme replacement therapy (ERT).[] Tinnitus was reported by 41.2%. Renal and cardiac impairment influenced the severity of hearing loss (p 0.05).[] The most frequent manifestations in female patients were fatigue and cornea verticillata (50%), and tinnitus, vertigo and angiokeratoma (25%).[]

  • Tympanic Membrane Perforation

    Symptoms Pain in and around the eye Loss of vision or double vision Swelling of eyelids Growth or mass around the eye Eye sticks out more than normal Treatment Treatment varies[] In this report, a 43-year-old male patient with unilateral tympanic membrane perforation, tinnitus, and bilateral sensorineural hearing loss caused by thunderbolt strike is[] Most (83%) patients reported symptoms, most commonly diminished hearing (77%) and tinnitus (50%). Outcome data were available for 77% of perforations.[]

  • Tympanoplasty

    Symptoms Pain in and around the eye Loss of vision or double vision Swelling of eyelids Growth or mass around the eye Eye sticks out more than normal Treatment Treatment varies[] However, tinnitus is unpredictable. In some cases, it can temporarily worsen after the operation.[] Tinnitus (head noise): Tinnitus may occur or become more noticeable. Infection: Infection occurs rarely after surgery.[]

  • Migraine

    , swelling of eyelids, dry eyes; and drooping eyebrows.[] A middle-aged man presented with intermittent episodes of a brief sensation of explosion in the head, visual flashing, vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus, confusion, ataxia,[] In addition to somatosensory symptoms, she eventually presented with tinnitus, cutaneous allodynia, and phantosmia, each of which was temporally associated with episodes of[]

  • Doxycycline

    In Case 2, a 21-year-old male with a 5-month history of swelling affecting his upper eyelids was diagnosed with blepharochalasis.[] Side effects may include: anorexia, nausea, diarrhoea, thrush, sore tongue (glossitis), headaches, blurred vision or tinnitus.[] […] and hyperpigmentation: red rash to blistering on sun-exposed areas; photoallergic reactions manifested by paresthesias of hands, feet, nose, photo-onycholysis Auditory: tinnitus[]

  • Furosemide

    […] on skin, blisters in mouth, eyes, ears, nose, eye irritation, swelling of eyelids, and flu-like symptoms) Some people may experience side effects other than those listed.[] In case 3, a 41-year-old woman had a floating sensation while walking and subsequently complained of tinnitus in the left ear.[] CNS (central nervous system) reactions like vertigo, headaches, blurred vision, tinnitus, and hearing loss.[]

  • Horner's Syndrome

    Symptoms The symptoms of Horner's syndrome include: Drooping of the upper eyelid Swelling of the lower eyelid Sinking of the eyeball An absence of sweat on the same side of[] In Horner's syndrome, additional symptoms of ipsilateral headache or neck pain, tinnitus, or any cerebral ischaemic symptoms should raise suspicion of blunt carotid injury[] ), swelling of the lower eyelid, miosis (constricted pupil), loss of sweating on the affected side of the face and heterochromia (difference in eye color).[]

  • Primidone

    Special Senses: Diplopia, nystagmus, swelling of eyelids. GI: Nausea, vomiting, anorexia.[] My tinnitus was at an extreme high pitch I just wanted to be taken out of reality.... Sound sleep is essential for one’s wellbeing.[]

  • Gnathostomiasis

    There was intermittent swelling in her right upper eyelid along with mild redness around her right upper and lower eyelids.[] The only symptom she had was sudden intermittent otalgia without apparent hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo or otorrhea.[]

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