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122 Possible Causes for Swinging Fever

  • Adult-Onset Still Disease

    In hospital it was found that she had swollen joints, a high swinging fever and blood tests that were consistent with severe inflammation.[] By day 10 of her illness she was admitted to hospital with a “fever of unknown origin”.[]

  • Pyomyositis

    The condition rapidly progresses, so that he becomes desperately ill with a swinging fever, weakness, prostration, dehydration and hypotension.[] Most cases present in the suppurative stage which starts in the second week or third week, and abscess forms in the muscle with associated high swinging fever, regional lymphadenopathy[]

  • Pneumococcal Pneumonia

    […] by , Last updated May 7, 2017 aka Microbial Mystery 002 Consider the following scenario: A 27 year old female with metastatic ovarian cancer for whom curative options have been exhausted arrives in the emergency department in extremis. Her history is of rapid onset (over a few hours) of shortness of breath,[…][]

  • Miliary Tuberculosis of the Liver

    David Schlossberg Springer Science & Business Media , 6 dec. 2012 - 227 pagina's 0 Recensies Completely revised and updated, this comprehensive resource covers the epidemiology, pathogenesis, varied clinical manifestations, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis. All of the extra-pulmonary as well as pulmonary[…][]

  • Liver Neoplasm

    Generalised infective symptoms: Swinging fever. Night sweats. Nausea and vomiting. Anorexia and weight loss. How are liver abscesses treated?[]

  • Disseminated Tuberculosis

    Aye M 1 * , Cabot JSF 2 , Baba S 3 , Thanabalan MC 4 and Chung SF 2 1 Department of Medicin, Melaka Manipal Medical College, Malaysia 2 Department of Medicine, UniKL Royal College of Medicine, Perak, Malaysia 3 Department of Radiology, Ipoh General Hospital, Perak, Malaysia 4 Medical Officer, Hospital Sungai Siput, Malaysia[…][]

  • Acute Cholecystitis

    If he has jaundice, swinging fever, chills and rigors, suspect that his cholecystitis is complicated by cholangitis. SPECIAL TESTS.[] In severe cases, symptoms can include pain in the RUQ, jaundice and high swinging fevers with rigors and chills (Charcot's triad).[] Drain his gall-bladder if: (1) intense pain persists, (2) swinging fever continues with tachycardia, (3) his abdominal tenderness gets worse, the area of guarding extends,[]

  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

    In many patients physical examination reveals a high swinging fever. Auscultation of the chest shows inspiratory crackles predominating in the lung base.[] […] dry cough has been reported to be very common (75%) while chills and rigours are relatively rare (15%). 5 Some patients, especially the elderly, may not present with high fever[]

  • Subphrenic Abscess

    fever, sweating, and a tachycardia.[] In a patient with a predisposing primary intra-abdominal disease or following abdominal surgery, persistent abdominal pain, focal tenderness, swinging fever, persistent paralytic[] […] patient has a subphrenic abscess if he deteriorates, or recovers and then deteriorates, between the 14th and the 21st day after a laparotomy, with a low, slowly increasing, swinging[]

  • Drug-induced Neutropenia

    fever, chills and rigor, gum pain, sore throat, and epigastric pain.[] His hyperthyroid symptoms improved when he was reviewed in the out-patient clinic 6 weeks later but he presented to his doctor another month later with a 2 day history of swinging[]

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