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5,072 Possible Causes for symbole

  • Influenza

    Symbols are the data; the black lines are regression model solutions.[] […] before fusion. ( c ) Histogram of the viral velocity in stage I. ( Inset ) Shown is the measured average mean square displacement (〈Δr 2 〉) vs. time (Δt) for a virus (green symbols[] Symbols are the data; the black lines are linear regression model solutions. The dashed line plots the regression of log(percent transmission).[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    Pulmonary terms and symbols. Chest 1975 ; 67 : 583 –593. Quanjer PH, Tammeling GJ, Cotes JE, et al. Symbols, abbreviations, and units.[] Respiratory function measurements in infants: symbols, abbreviations and units. Eur Respir J 1995 ; 8 : 1039 –1056. Quanjer PH, Sly PD, Stocks J.[]

  • Drug-induced Fever

    NOS drug induced R50.2 iodide R50.2 steroid R50.2 Steroid effects (adverse) (adrenocortical) (iatrogenic) fever R50.2 ICD-10-CM Codes Adjacent To R50.2 R48.9 Unspecified symbolic[]

  • Dementia

    A better approach to family members who want feeding tubes for the demented is to acknowledge the symbolic value of nutrition for them and to seek an alternative means of[] Symbol Recall: requires recall of symbol‐digit pairs from the Digit Symbol Coding test after completing the task.[] The theoretical framework of 'symbolic interactionism' is helpful in explaining how cognitive reframing might work.[]

  • Osteoporosis

    A line connects the means symbols to better visualize the trend in bone volume fraction within the vertebral bodies of each species.[] To choose a calcium supplement, look for labels that have the United States Pharmacopeia symbol or state the supplements are purified.[]

  • Malignant Neoplasm

    THE AIM OF THE STUDY: To collect and analyze data on population with malignant tumors in the region of Sarajevo city, which represents a symbol of difficult times in our country[] Explants were exposed to media alone (open symbols) or to PT-gliadin (filled symbols).[] Scientists fear the devils - which are a symbol for Tasmania - could become extinct if action is not taken.[]

  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

    Charter has officially launched with tremendous support from European policy makers, what is left to achieve is reaching the goal of 35,000 signatories to the Charter – a symbolic[] Symbols on the curve represent the censored points where patients discontinued the study treatment due to causes other than progression of the disease.[]

  • Meningitis

    Enter your requested disease name, ORPHA number, gene symbol/name, MIM number ( Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man ), or ICD-10 (10th edition of WHO’s International Classification[]

  • Tuberculosis

    Behind the maid looms a skeleton holding a scythe, a symbol of death.[] Khwarizmi's algebraic symbols for numbers contain within themselves the potentialities of the infinite.[] "STOP",HALT", or "NO ADMITTANCE") or biological hazard symbol and a descriptive message (e.g., "Respiratory Isolation, No Admittance Without Wearing a Type N95 or More Protective[]

  • Developmental Reading Disorder

    Presentation on theme: " Defination: A developmental reading disorder is a reading disability that occurs when the brain does not properly recognize and process certain symbols[] All of these activities involve the understanding and processing of symbols in order to understand them.[] All of these processes involve the manipulation of symbols to convey information. These conditions may appear singly or in any combination.[]

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