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599 Possible Causes for Syndrome, Triple X

  • Trisomy X Syndrome

    What is triple X syndrome? Normally, females have two X chromosomes. Triple X Syndrome occurs when a female has three X chromosomes in her body's cells.[] Trisomy X syndrome, or 47, XXX, develops in approximately 1 in 1000 girls but is yet to be diagnosed in many patients.[] Triple X syndrome is a genetic disorder in which a girl has three X chromosomes instead of two. Triple X occurs once in every 1,000 female births.[]

  • Triple A Syndrome

    Triple X syndrome Genetics Home Reference[] Triple A syndrome (Allgrove syndrome) is an autosomal recessive disorder consisting of achalasia, alacrima and Addison insufficiency.[] Abstract Triple A syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by alacrima, achalasia, and adrenal insufficiency.[]

  • Five X Syndrome

    General pathology Genetic and developmental anomalies Chromosomal diseases Constitutional trisomies triple X syndrome Definition: Triple X syndrome, also called trisomy X[] Mutations in the FOXP3 gene cause IPEX syndrome .[] Triple X is due to a random event .[]

  • Otitis Media

    […] with ampicillin, triple sulphonamide, erythromycin and placebo ( Howie 1972 ).[] Woakes' syndrome is characterised by severe recurrent nasal polyps in early childhood with broadening of the nose, nasal dyscrinia, frontal sinus aplasia and bronchiectasis[] In comparison to Hurler syndrome (MPS I) and Hunter syndrome (MPS II), characteristic facial and physical features tend to be milder and progression of neurological symptoms[]

  • XYY Syndrome

    Triple X females are usually fertile, but sometimes go through the menopause early.[] […] of XYY syndrome.[] Liebeszeit BU, Rohrer TR, Singer H, Doerr HG: Tall stature as presenting symptom in a girl with triple X syndrome. J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab 2003;16:233–235.[]

  • 48,XXXY Syndrome

    X y. i bet you didn't even google it, you were just trying to be a smartass. - posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 02:20 AM Actually, there xxxy is a variant of polysomy X Klinefelter[] However, the features of 48,XXXY syndrome tend to be more severe than those of Klinefelter syndrome and affect more parts of the body.[] Girls who are born with an extra X chromosome are referred to as having Triple X or Trisomy X.[]

  • XXXXY Syndrome

    Y linked: Turner syndrome, Triple X syndrome, Klinefelter's syndrome, XYY syndrome Translocations : Philadelphia chromosome, Burkitt's lymphoma[] Mentally, 49, XXXXY Syndrome males have varying degrees. Many people compare it mentally to Down Syndrome, in that it varies greatly from person to person.[] Y linked Monosomy Turner syndrome (45,X) Trisomy / tetrasomy, other karyotypes / mosaics Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY) 48,XXYY 48,XXXY 49,XXXYY 49,XXXXY Triple X syndrome[]

  • Ear - Patella - Short Stature Syndrome

    46 Pyoderma Gangrenosum 36 Trisomy 13 Syndrome 47 RothmundThomson Syndrome 37 Trisomy 18 Syndrome 48 Scleromyxedema 38 Syndrome Triple X Syndrome 49 Setleis Syndrome 39 XXY[] We report on two brothers with Meier-Gorlin syndrome, the younger of whom was more severely affected.[] X Syndrome Zellweger Syndrome[]

  • Thrombocytopenia-Absent Radius Syndrome

    46 Pyoderma Gangrenosum 36 Trisomy 13 Syndrome 47 RothmundThomson Syndrome 37 Trisomy 18 Syndrome 48 Scleromyxedema 38 Syndrome Triple X Syndrome 49 Setleis Syndrome 39 XXY[] OBJECTIVE: To describe the association of Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome and thrombocytopenia-absent radius (TAR) syndrome.[] ,XXXYY 49,XXXXY Triple X syndrome (47,XXX) Tetrasomy X (48,XXXX) 49,XXXXX Jacobs syndrome (47,XYY) 48,XYYY 49,XYYYY 45,X/46,XY Translocations Leukemia / lymphoma Lymphoid[]

  • Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser Syndrome

    X karyotype.[] The etiology of MRKH syndrome is still largely unknown, probably because of its intrinsic heterogeneity.[] In vitro fertilization surrogacy in rare coexisting Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome and triple X karyotype. Fertil Steril. 2011;95(5):1788.e11–e13. 39.[]

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