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836 Possible Causes for Thin Feet

  • Camptodactyly Syndrome Type Guadalajara III

    Other clinical manifestations included: multiple nevi, simplified ears, retrognathia, congenital shortness of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, thin hands and feet, a small[]

  • Congenital Entropion

    feet with rocker bottoms.[] […] revealed a dysmorphic facies with antimongoloid slanting of the palpebral fissures, low-set ears which appeared dysplastie with underdeveloped pinnae, micrognathia, and long thin[]

  • Ring Chromosome 18

    In this study, we report the identification of a de novo supernumerary ring chromosome in a patient with mild mental retardation, long tapering fingers, elongated, thin feet[] feet Vascular malformations Splenomegaly Size discrepancy kidneys Renal arteriovenous malformations Hydronephrosis Esophageal varices Short stature Unilateral cleft lip and[] […] wide flat nasal bridge thin upper lip also had hard time nursing as a baby due to a high arched palate this is a short list of his many issues i know this is a long shot[]

  • Sunburn

    Pay special attention to cover: Lips Ears Around the eyes Neck Hands Feet Scalp (if hair is thinning) The bikini or bathing suit line What Is the Prognosis for Sunburn?[]

  • Osteoporosis

    […] bone disease characterized by reduced bone quality without osteoclastic resorption; noted in: (a) postmenopausal Caucasian women, or elderly men and women (characterized by thin[] […] scanty bone trabeculae, bone pain, vertebral column distortion, reduction in body height and pathological [spine, hip, wrist, ankle, metatarsals] fracture); (b) neuropathic feet[]

  • Endocrine Dysfunction

    In addition, his hands and feet are small. [Reproduced with permission.][] In addition, his hands and feet are small. [Reproduced with permission.] Fig. 1 A typical 11-yr-old boy with Prader-Willi syndrome.[] […] his age, has central obesity, low muscular mass, cryptorchidism, and typical facial feature with narrow bifrontal diameter, almond shaped eyes, small appearing mouth with thin[]

  • Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome

    […] lip, stubby hands and feet, hirsutism, and severe psychomotor retardation.[] We describe three patients with a syndrome comprising arched, thick eyebrows, hypertelorism, narrow palpebral fissures, broad nasal bridge and tip, long philtrum, thin upper[]

  • Kaufman Oculocerebrofacial Syndrome

    […] hands and feet.[] . * long thin hands & feet * eye abnormalities including shaky or wiggly eye movement (nystagmus) * unusually looking long narrow face * small head; those some persons have[] . * Long thin hands & feet * Eye abnormalities including shaky or wiggly eye movement (nystagmus) * Unusually looking long narrow face * Small head; those some persons have[]

  • Allan-Herndon-Dudley Syndrome

    Long, thin everted feet are also typical. Ocular manifestations (i.e. rotary nystagmus and disconjugate eye movements) are rare.[] Long and thin everted feet are also typical. Pectus excavatum and scoliosis are sometimes present, perhaps as a result of the hypotonia and muscle hypoplasia.[]

  • Arnold Chiari Malformation

    […] perivascular astrocytic end-feet layer, and enlarged perivascular space.[] Capillaries from the parietal and frontal cortex showed increased vesicular and vacuolar transport, intact endothelial junctions, thin and immature basement membrane, swollen[] […] hydrocephalus, and postmeningitis hydrocephalus were examined by transmission electron microscopy to study the damage of endothelial cells, basement membrane, astrocytic end-feet[]

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