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10,846 Possible Causes for thought

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Candida glabrata was thought to be a primarily non-pathogenic organism.[] FHCS has been rarely reported in male patients, and hematogenous and lymphatic spread to the liver is thought to be the underlying mechanism.[] I thought I might have a urinary tract infection so I saw the Azo advertised on Walmart website & bought it.[]

  • Influenza

    Although its aetiopathogenesis is not exactly known, it is thought that inefficient drug detoxification leading to the accumulation of drug reactive metabolites causes autoimmune[] Infection can be transmitted through sneezing and coughing and is thought to be transmitted primarily via large particle droplets ( 5 microns).[] It is thought to have originated in China in a rare genetic shift of the influenza virus.[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    You may have had similar thoughts when sick with the flu or common cold. Your doctor may think so too.[] Herbal teas including elm bark and licorice root are thought to relieve sore throat and some studies have suggested benefits compared to placebo.[] The use of oral vitamin C is thought to shorten the duration of upper respiratory infection symptoms, but research data are inconclusive regarding the benefits of vitamin[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    For others, you may never have thought to ask the question. For all, questions, comments, concerns, and critiques are encouraged. Welcome to the Kids Korner.[] Bacterial gastroenteritis accounts for 80% of cases of traveller’s diarrhoea and is thought to affect 20% to 50% of international travellers.[]

  • Insect Bite

    It pointed out that although insect bites are thought to be common, the actual incidence is unknown.[] […] more likely than ever to be bitten by an insect this year Boots Insect Cooling Spray 4.59 for 50ml THIS spray contains ethanol, a form of alcohol, and Witch Hazel, a plant thought[] Such treated clothing is thought to pose little danger for poisoning to humans wearing it.[]

  • Dementia

    Although she thought that they took her belongings, she wrote: "I'll try not to forget to be grateful to them."[] This article discusses a case study that highlights how caring can affect an individual, leading to thoughts of suicide.[] This decline is beyond what might be expected from normal aging... read more Symptoms of dementia Dementia is marked by a gradual impoverish-ment of thought and other mental[]

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    I thought it was more common. In fact, I thought most people experience it. But Wikipedia claims it’s “rare.”[] The doctors thought I originally just had a bacteria infection that causes my inner ear to fill up with fluid. This has been tortuous![] This page was started so that there is a central site where people with patulous eustachian tube can exchange ideas, thoughts and potential treatment ( contact details are[]

  • Skin Infection

    Actinomycete-like organisms are well recognised members of normal mucosal flora but some strains are thought to contribute to commensal skin flora too.[] ‘I’m super strict on washing my face/beauty blender/brushes, but I never thought to disinfect my eyebrow spooly,’ she explains.[] At first, Mark thought he just had a head cold, though a nasty one.[]

  • Sunburn

    […] as well as her I've moved far away from you And I want to see you here beside me, dear But things aren’t clear When we never even tried We never even talked We never even thought[] Even the commonly-held thought that suntan lotion...[] Advertisement 6 of 7 Datacraft/Getty Images Chamomile Tea Thought to have anti-inflammatory qualities , chamomile tea has long been used as a remedy for rosacea.[]

  • Sinusitis

    […] of as the "lower respiratory tract" while the nares and sinuses can be thought of as the "upper respiratory tract."[] Along with neutralizing bacteria, many of these antibiotics are thought to reduce inflammation.[] November 1, AFP joined news outlets around the world in covering the release of a major academic paper warning that our oceans were warming dramatically quicker than previously thought[]

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