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269 Possible Causes for Thrust Tongue

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    Perform a jaw thrust maneuver when the airway is in place to lift the jaw, and consequently the tongue , preventing airway occlusion .[] If there is suspicion of cervical spine trauma, use a jaw thrust maneuver. Next insert an oral or nasal airway.[]

  • Malocclusion

    […] muscles such as forward tongue thrust, tongue biting, and low tongue at rest.[] Tongue thrusting (pushing your tongue against your teeth) can slowly, but surely, move your teeth out of alignment.[] Malocclusion may be caused by abnormal functions such as mouth breathing, tongue thrust swallowing, and unilateral chewing and by abnormal postures of oral circumferential[]

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

    Often with a misaligned jaw the lower jaw thrusts forward or sidewise with “s” sounds (not ideal). (3) Have the patient open wide and close on a tongue blade (stick).[]

  • Bruxism

    A burning sensation on the tongue (see: glossodynia),[10] possibly related to a coexistent "tongue thrusting" parafunctional activity.[] thrusting (where the tongue is pushed against the front teeth forcefully).[4] There is evidence that sleep bruxism is caused by mechanisms related to the central nervous[] Indentations of the teeth in the tongue ("crenated tongue" or "scalloped tongue").[8] Hypertrophy of the muscles of mastication (increase in the size of the muscles that move[]

  • Phobia

    If the gagging is made worse by a tendency to swallow tensely with pursed lips, clenched teeth and the tongue thrust forward against them, they can be taught to swallow with[] […] the teeth slightly apart and the tongue relaxed on the floor of mouth.[]

  • Tongue Disease

    Tongue ThrustingTongue thrust is a forward placement of the tongue between the anterior teeth and against the lower lip during swallowing, speaking or at rest.  It is[] Lesion of tongue Tongue atrophy Tongue hypertrophy Tongue lesion Tongue thrust disorder Tongue thrusting Clinical Information A finding indicating enlargement of the tongue[] This appearance is the result of indentations of the teeth where the tongue is habitually pressed against the teeth ("tongue thrusting", and example of oral parafunction).[]

  • Meige Syndrome

    Typical symptoms include involuntary blinking (blepharospasms), chin thrusting, tongue protrusion, squinting, light sensitivity and muddled speech.[] The dominant symptoms involve involuntary eye blinking and chin thrusting.[] Some patients have lip pursing or tongue movements and, for a few, the movements spread into the shoulders.[]

  • Late-onset Depression

    […] of the pelvis (duck-like gait) Jaw swinging Repetitive chewing Rapid eye blinking Tongue thrusting Restlessness When TD is diagnosed, the health care provider will either[] Symptoms associated with tardive dyskinesia usually involve repetitive, involuntary movements such as: uncontrollable movements of the tongue, jaw, or lips writhing, twisting[] […] include uncontrollable movements of the face and body such as: Facial grimacing (commonly involving lower facial muscles) Finger movement (piano playing movements) Rocking or thrusting[]

  • Cleft Uvula

    He is considered to be an expert in tongue thrusting, tongue tie, and other problems related to tongue functions and speech.[]

  • Angelman Syndrome

    Source: Physical findings include postnatal microcephaly , small flat occiput , a protruding thrusting tongue , prominent jaw , strabismus , and hypopigmentation of the skin[] The syndrome has oral manifestations such as diastemas, tongue thrusting, sucking/swallowing disorder, mandibular prognathism, and wide mouth.[] The syndrome has oral manifestations such as diastemas, tongue thrusting, sucking/swallowing disorder, mandibular prognathism, a wide mouth, frequent drooling, and excessive[]

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