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215 Possible Causes for Tinel's Sign

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Clinical outcome measures were taken by Boston Questionnaire score, the presence or absence of Tinel's sign, and Phalen's test findings.[] Tinels sign and Phalens test were positive with no obvious thenar muscle wasting on examination.[] sign over this spot.[]

  • Multiple Myeloma

    sign, or a Phalen sign due to carpel tunnel compression secondary to amyloid deposition.[] Neurologic findings may include a sensory level change (ie, loss of sensation below a dermatome corresponding to a spinal cord compression), neuropathy, myopathy, a Tinel[]

  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    The role of varicosities as a cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome and the significance of Tinel's sign are discussed through a large review of the literature.[] For patients with tarsal tunnel syndrome and the comorbidity of diabetic polyneuropathy (DPN), it is concluded that a positive Tinel sign at the tarsal tunnel can predict[] Tinel's sign may be used as a prognostic factor.[]

  • Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor

    A positive Tinel's sign was appreciated on percussion of the mass.[] sign on tapping suggests a soft-tissue mass of peripheral nerve origin. 22 Symptoms such as progressive pain, early onset sensory or motor deficit, and rapid growth indicate[] […] symptoms, weakness, and autonomic dysfunction. 22 Finding a mobile mass perpendicular (but not parallel) to the axis of a known peripheral nerve in combination with a positive Tinel's[]

  • Perry Syndrome

    The Tinel’s sign is reproduction of pain or symptoms following three taps to the carpal tunnel by the therapist.[] Special tests for CTS Special tests reported in the literature for assessment of CTS is the Phalen’s test and Tinel’s sign.[] Phalen’s test has been shown to have 75% sensitivity ranging from 10 to 91% and specificity ranging from 33-100%, while the Tinel’s sign has sensitivity ranging from 23-67%[]

  • Entrapment Neuropathy

    The motor Tinel sign (MTS) refers to electromyographic activity, sometimes associated with a visible muscle jerk, evoked by percussion or manipulation of a peripheral nerve[] Tinel's sign was located in the upper arm medial to the biceps and 5 cm proximal to the elbow. The patient underwent microsurgery under local anesthesia.[] CLINICAL FEATURES: • SIGNS : Tinel's sign, thenar atrophy, sensory changes in the distribution of median nerve • Tinel’s sign: percussing the median nerve at the wrist. •[]

  • Alcohol Hallucinosis

    […] syndrome. 3 A valgus hindfoot and a positive Tinel sign just posterior to the navicular tuberosity can suggest medial plantar neuropathy.[] Positive Tinel’s sign was noted on this location and tenderness further distally across the plantar heel (Valleix sign) [ 1 ].[] Part of the exam should include the patient standing because varicosities may be more apparent. 4 A Tinel sign should be performed; it is present in most cases of tarsal tunnel[]

  • Evan's Syndrome

    ’s sign.[] A positive Tinel’s sign over the course of the SRN is the most common physical examination finding, although the clinician should be mindful that this may also be positive[] […] success rate in 23 patients who underwent surgical decompression who had failed conservative therapy or whose symptoms were longstanding and had no distal progression of a Tinel’s[]

  • Hypoglossal Nerve Palsy

    The growth of axons across the cross facial nerve graft is evaluated by progression of a Tinel's sign in the nerve graft.[] Closely monitor the patient for axonal regeneration using the Tinel sign. The patient experiences dysesthesia upon tapping on the estimated end of the regenerated axons.[] The nerve graft is mobilized to the area of he preoperative Tinel's sign and it is sectioned to examine the regenerated nerve.[]

  • Fibromyalgia

    Tinel's sign in the lower extremity is a valid technique for assessing peripheral nerve compression in the patient with fibromyalgia.[] In the physical examination of the patient suspected of having tarsal tunnel syndrome, the podiatric physician relies on Tinel's sign: tapping the posterior tibial nerve in[]

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