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859 Possible Causes for Toe Deformities

  • Bunion

    Chronic big toe swelling that doesn't improve with rest or medications. Toe deformity - a drifting in of your big toe toward the small toes.[] The misalignment causes the big toe to point outward and rotate (medically termed hallux abducto valgus deformity) toward the smaller toes.[] That results in great toe swelling and shifting towards the other toes. Bunion deformity can also occur more frequently in families.[]

  • Foot Deformity

    The deformity is complex and involves the big toe long bone (metatarsal) to deviate away from the second toe and the big toe itself to deviate toward the second toe.[] Unusually long toes often develop hammer toe deformities. Painful corns often develop in hammer toe deformity, particularly of the 5th toe.[] A variety of toe deformities occur in children’s feet.[]

  • Hammer Toe

    METHODS: Twenty-seven feet with visible hammer toe deformity and 31 age matched feet without hammer toe deformity were tested.[] Abstract A technique of internal wire fixation in end-to-end digital arthrodesis is illustrated and described for correction of hammer toe deformity.[] METHODS: Twenty-nine subjects participated in this study. 27 feet with hammer toe deformity and 31 feet without hammer toe deformity were tested using standardized gonimetric[]

  • Talipes Cavus

    Surgical Treatment Toe deformities can be effectively treated with the Jones and Hibbs procedures.[] […] of the plantar fascia, and cock-up deformity of the great toe.[] […] of the plantar fascia , and cock-up deformity of the great toe .[]

  • Metatarsalgia

    The pathophysiology of lesser toe deformities is complex and is affected by the function of intrinsic and extrinsic muscle units.[] Depending on the cause of pain, proper shoewear, orthoses, and inserts coupled with targeted physical therapy can alleviate most symptoms of metatarsalgia and lesser toe deformities[] CONCLUSION: Using adjustable toe splint can decrease the metatarsalgia in patient with lesser toe deformity.[]

  • Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

    At her birth in 2005, the only thing which seemed amiss was that my new baby had a strange toe deformity.[] Both ankles showed equines deformity and the great toes were short with valgus deformity ( Fig. 1a ).[] Symptoms Initial symptoms include deformities or lumps in the big toes and/or thumbs leading to a characteristic 'hallux valgus' deformity.[]

  • Morton's Metatarsalgia

    • Fixed plantarflexed ray • Fixed-toe deformity • Subluxation of a metatarsophalangeal joint • Localized metatarsal equinus • Generalized joint hypermobility Non-functional[] […] tight calf muscle, a congenital foot deformity, and claw toe deformities.[] deformity (hammer, claw, retraction, trigger deformity) • Iatrogenic change (e.g. hallux abductovalgus/foot surgery) • Loss/atrophy of plantar fibrofat pad • Rigid pes cavus[]

  • Exostosis

    They often create a callous or some type of skin irritation at the tip of the toe or deformity of the nail. It becomes symptomatic when wearing shoes.[] BACKGROUND: Subungual exostosis is a relatively common benign bone tumor that occurs in the distal phalanges of the toes and can be a source of pain and nail deformity.[] Madelung / reversed Madelung deformity Dislocation of radial head Prognosis Exostosis begins in childhood Stops growing when nearest epiphyseal center fuses Complications[]

  • Bunionectomy

    I suggest you read the following on the website of the Royal Natonal Orthopaedic Hospital - 'A Patient's Guide to Bunions ( Hallux Valgus) and Lesser Toe Deformities' Gillian[] But in some cases, surgery is warranted to address the toe deformity, inflammation and pain.[] Chronic swelling/inflammation in the big toe. An increasing deformity that limits the ability to function. Increasing big toe stiffness that limits the ability to walk.[]

  • Fibroma

    Fibroma of a tendon-sheath presenting as toe deformity. Foot Ankle Int 2001; 22:59 –61 [Google Scholar] 6. Hur J, Damron TA, Vermont AI, Mathur SC.[] Toe deformity after pregnancy due to fibroma of tendon sheath : a case report and review of literature. Orthop Surg 2013;5:225–8. [2]. Copeland MM, Geschickter CF.[]

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