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68 Possible Causes for Tonsillar Exudate

  • Pharyngitis

    PATIENTS AND METHODS: 50 patients presenting sore throat associated with erythema and/or pharyngeal tonsillar exudate with or without scarlatiniform rash, fever and malaise[] Figure 35-1 Strep pharyngitis showing tonsillar exudate and erythema. ( Courtesy of Michael Nguyen, MD .)[] On physical exam, she has anterior cervical lymphadenopathy and patchy tonsillar exudates and swelling.[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    exudates, fever, and absence of cough are less likely than with streptococcal pharyngitis or infectious mononucleosis Table 1.[] Fatigue and malaise may persist for several months after the acute infection has resolved. [ 6 ] Sore throat; tonsillar enlargement is common, classically exudative and may[] exudates, fever, and absence of cough are less likely than with streptococcal pharyngitis or infectious mononucleosis What Are the Pros and Cons of Physical Examination and[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    […] erythema, and exudate.[] […] both bacterial and viral organisms, with sore throat often accompanied by fever, headache, and other symptoms, with or without enlarged and tender cervical lymph nodes, tonsillar[]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    […] or advanced nurse practitioner. 33 It is important that antibiotics are not prescribed haphazardly, and the presence of three or four Centor criteria (history of fever, tonsillar[] exudates, no cough, tender anterior cervical lymphadenopathy) may be used as a guide to consider prescription of antibiotics. 34 The higher the score, the greater the probability[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    Commonly, the tonsils may have a bumpy look on their surface - somewhat like a golf ball White or yellow colored spots on the tonsils (tonsillar exudate) Petechiae (look like[] These lesions commonly produce vasodilatation, spreading edema, and an exudate composed mostly of neutrophils, often mixed with macrophages.[] The pharyngitis varies in intensity from mild lesions resembling the common cold, to more severe lesions that involve the epiglottis and the tonsillar crypts.[]

  • Chronic Tonsillitis

    The clinical presentation initially focuses on symptoms such as cervical lymphadenopathy, presence of tonsillar exudates, fever and swallowing difficulties, which is considered[] Tonsillar exudates. No cough. Tender anterior cervical lymphadenopathy. Patients with one or none of these criteria are unlikely to have GABS.[] exudates.[]

  • Group A Beta-hemolytic Streptococcal Pharyngitis

    Physical examination may reveal erythema and swelling of the pharynx, enlarged and erythematous tonsils, tonsillar exudate and palatal petechiae.[] exudates 36 85 2.3 0.76 Tonsillar or pharyngeal exudates 45 75 1.8 0.74 Table 1.[] Physical findings may include petechiae of the palate, pharyngeal and tonsillar erythema and exudates, and anterior cervical adenopathy.[]

  • Scarlet Fever

    exudate in only 24% (95% CI: 17-31%).[] These systems assign points based on the presence or absence of suggestive clinical features, such as fever, absence of cough, presence of tonsillar exudates, and swollen,[] […] processes (95% CI: 84-94%), with a temperature of 38 C in 73% (95% CI: 65-80%), enlarged lymph nodes in 70% (95% CI: 58-82%), absence of cough in 73% (95% CI: 65-80%), and tonsillar[]

  • Acute Catarrhal Tonsillitis

    One point is given for each of the criteria: Absence of a cough Swollen and tender cervical lymph nodes Temperature 38.0 C (100.4 F) Tonsillar exudate or swelling Age less[] exudate or swelling Age less than 15 (a point is subtracted if age is more than 44) The Infectious Disease Society of America recommends against empirical treatment and considers[] […] over the tonsil or the discharge of caseous or suppurative material from the tonsillar crypts. acute tonsillitis Inflammation of the lymphatic tissue of the pharynx, esp.[]

  • Corynebacterium Diphtheriae

    She had conjunctival erythema, cracked, red lips, and bilateral tonsillar exudates. Cervical nodes were tender and not fluctuant. Plantar desquamation was present.[]

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