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135 Possible Causes for Tonsillar Hypertrophy

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Other signs that may accompany viral pharyngitis include the following: Tonsillar hypertrophy Cough: This is more suggestive of a viral, rather than a bacterial, etiology[] Sleep apnea associated with tonsillar hypertrophy may also prompt surgical consultation.[] She was then treated with a short “burst” of oral prednisone for the tonsillar pain and hypertrophy.[]

  • Pharyngitis

    On clinical examination, patients with group A strep pharyngitis usually have Pharyngeal and tonsillar erythema Tonsillar hypertrophy with or without exudates Palatal petechiae[] (A) Streptococcal pharyngitis in a 14-year-old girl demonstrates tonsillar exudates and hypertrophy.[] Other indications for tonsillectomy include quinsy (peritonsillar abscess) as well as hypertrophy causing obstructive sleep disorder.[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Upper airway obstruction from tonsillar hypertrophy is rare. Fulminant disease course of immunocompromised patients is rare. Splenic rupture is rare.[]

  • Adenoid Hypertrophy

    There was also a significant difference between rates of tonsillar hypertrophy and nasopharynx obstruction in the EN group (p 0.009).[] Unilateral tonsillar hypertrophy should always raise suspicion of a tumor. The most common tonsillar tumor in children is lymphoma (1). Conclusions 1.[] hypertrophy; with adenoidal hypertrophy; with tonsillar hypertrophy; and with adenotonsillar hypertrophy.[]

  • Chronic Tonsillitis

    The association of apoptosis with tonsillar hypertrophy seemed to be age-dependent.[] The concentration and specific activity of N-acetyl-β-hexosaminidase (HEX) in palatine tonsils with chronic tonsillitis and tonsillar hypertrophy give insight in tonsillar[] Cases of idiopathic tonsillar hypertrophy (ITH) not associated with recurrent infections were used for comparison.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    Beyond neurological, orthopedic, and ophthalmological findings, macroglossia, tonsillar hypertrophy, otitis media and conductive hearing loss, upper airway obstruction, valvular[]

  • Acute Adenoiditis

    Adenoidal hypertrophy (as well as tonsillar hypertrophy) must thus not be seen as a pathological manifestation, but rather as a normal reaction of an organism undergoing immune[] hypertrophy.[] Comparation of histologybetween recurrent tonsillitis and tonsillar hypertrophy. Clin Otollaryngol 2003;28:235-9.9.[]

  • Tonsillar Lymphoepithelioma

    Tonsillar tonsillar anomalies 25 July Examples tonsillar hypertrophy tonsillar ulceration tonsillar cysts tonsillar tumors See also tonsils acute tonsillitis 25 July Etiology[] hypertrophy (12 cases).[] One possible causative factor could be tubal tonsillar hypertrophy (TTH) – a condition in which the tubal tonsils compensated for the absence of the adenoids, and became enlarged[]

  • Acute Catarrhal Tonsillitis

    Tonsil hyperplasia (J35.1 and J35.3) English synonyms: tonsillar hyperplasia [172] , (idiopathic) tonsillar hypertrophy [198] ; refers to the abnormal enlargement of the palatal[] […] angina J35.1 Hypertrophy of tonsils Hypertrophy of pharyngeal tonsils, Thorvald's Cyst Composition Tablets for resorption 1 table.[] […] cyst Diseases of Lingual Tonsils: Diseases of Lingual Tonsils Acute lingual tonsillitis Hypertrophy of lingual tonsils Abscess of lingual tonsil[]

  • Bacteroides Gingivalis

    (RT), 9 with recurrent tonsillitis with hypertrophy (RTH), and 8 with obstructive tonsillar hypertrophy (OTH).[] Kielmovitech IH, Keltel G, Bluestone C, et al.: Microbiology of obstructive tonsillar hypertrophy and recurrent tonsillitis.[] Actinomycosis in abstructive tonsillar hypertrophy and recurrent tonsillitis. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 117:883–5, 1991. 55. Brook I, Gillmore JD.[]

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