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221 Possible Causes for Toxic Hemolytic Anemia

  • Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

    anemias 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable/Specific Code Applicable To Mechanical hemolytic anemia Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia Toxic hemolytic anemia autoimmune D59.1 symptomatic[] PubMed Google Scholar Caroli J, Julien C, Chevrel B, Eyquem A: Toxic thyroid adenoma, hemolytic antibody anemia and severe serum hepatitis.[] hemolytic anemia Toxic hemolytic anemia autoimmune D59.1 cold type D59.1 (secondary) (symptomatic) warm type D59.1 (secondary) (symptomatic) Dyke-Young type D59.1 (secondary[]

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1

    Pyruvate kinase deficiency is the most common glycolytic enzyme deficiency that leads to life-long hemolytic anemia.[] […] are presumed toxic.[] Pyrimidine 5' nucleotidase deficiency presents with congenital hemolytic anemia because the residual nucleotides in young red cells (reticulocytes) cannot be metabolized and[]

  • Ricin Poisoning by Inhalation

    Gregory R. Ciottone, MD, FACEP, Paul D Biddinger, Robert G. Darling, MD, Saleh Fares, Mark E Keim, MD, MBA, Michael S Molloy, Selim Suner, MD, MS, FACEP Elsevier Health Sciences, 05.11.2015 - 1048 Seiten The most comprehensive resource of its kind, Ciottone's Disaster Medicine, 2nd Edition, thoroughly covers isolated domestic[…][]

  • Toxic Effect of Copper Salts

    Hemolytic anemia and anuria can result and may be fatal.[] Copper toxicity that causes complications such as hemolytic anemia, anuria, or hepatotoxicity is also treated with chelation therapy with one of the following: Oral penicillamine[] Chelation Supportive measures For copper toxicity due to ingesting grams of copper, prompt gastric lavage is done.[]

  • Toxic Hemolytic Anemia

    hemolytic anemia Depending on the course, acute and chronic toxic hemolytic anemia is isolated.[] Events Submit your event on Toxic Hemolytic Anemia to be featured! Videos Submit your video on Toxic Hemolytic Anemia to be featured![] Mechanical hemolytic anemia Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia Toxic hemolytic anemia MS-DRG Mapping DRG Group #793 - Full term neonate with major problems.[]

  • Antimony Poisoning

    Antimony poisoning involves a toxic effect caused by a prolonged exposure to higher-than-normal concentrations of antimony, found either in the workplace or in therapeutic agents administered for the treatment of other conditions. Antimony poisoning primarily occurs due to inhalational or oral exposure to the[…][]

  • Naphthalene Poisoning

    Naphthalene poisoning occurs primarily as a result of accidental mothball ingestion, causing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, hematuria and severe respiratory, neurologic and hepatic effects. Patient history is vital during workup, while detection of methemoglobinemia and cyanosis requires prompt therapy consisting[…][]

  • Benzene Poisoning

    […] origin of certain actue leukemias and their relationship to severe anemias]; J.[] Lyon 9:227-233 (1928); Andre, R., et al., "[Grave hemolytic anemia associated with thrombopenic purpura haemorrhagica; probable role of benzol; massive transfusion, splenectomy[] […] l'intoxication benzénique: sur l'origine toxique de certaines leucémies aiguës et leurs relations avec les anémies graves," [Acute leukemia in the course of benzene poisoning: the toxic[]

  • Acute Arsenic Poisoning

    WHAT IS KNOWN AND OBJECTIVE: Massive acute arsenic poisoning is rare yet potentially life-threatening. 2,3-dimercaptopropane-1-sulphonate (DMPS) appears to have the appropriate chelating property. However, clinical experience on the use of DMPS in massive arsenic poisoning is limited. CASE DESCRIPTION: A 37-year-old[…][]

  • Arsine Poisoning

    OBJECTIVES: Arsine, a potent hemolytic agent, is widely used in the semiconductor industry. We report a case of arsine poisoning confirmed by arsenic speciation analysis in serum and urine that occurred in a recycling factory. CASE: A male worker in his twenties noticed hematuria 3 h after finishing work and was[…][]

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