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430 Possible Causes for Traveler's Diarrhea

  • Traveler's Diarrhea

    traveler’s diarrhea.[] What Are the Symptoms of Traveler's Diarrhea?[] Among travelers from developed countries who visit developing countries, 60% may experience traveler's diarrhea, accounting for 40,000 travelers daily or 15 million travelers[]

  • Campylobacter Enteritis

    Also called enteric campylobacteriosis. campylobacter enteritis Infectious disease A water-borne gastroenteritis caused by C jejuni, a cause of travelers' diarrhea Epidemiology[] These bacteria are also one of the many causes of traveler's diarrhea or food poisoning.[] You have signs of dehydration (thirst, dizziness, lightheadedness) You have recently traveled to a foreign country and developed diarrhea.[]

  • Salmonella Infection

    However, some types can make you sick and cause diarrhea. One type causes travelers' diarrhea.[] That strain of E. coli is distinct from enterotoxigenic E. coli, which causes traveler's diarrhea.[] You have recently traveled to a foreign country and developed diarrhea. Your diarrhea does not get better in 5 days, or it gets worse. You have severe abdominal pain.[]

  • Norwalk Virus Infection

    Nat Med. 2003 May;9(5):548-53. Epub 2003 Apr 14. Author information 1 Department of Epidemiology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. Abstract Infectious diseases have influenced population genetics and the evolution of the structure of the human genome in part by selecting for host[…][]

  • Enterovirus Infection

    Abstract Two patients with severe combined immunodeficiency and enterovirus infections were successfully treated with pleconaril. There were no adverse affects.[]

  • Childhood Celiac Disease

    BACKGROUND: Low concentration of 25-hydroxyvitamin D during pregnancy may be associated with offspring autoimmune disorders. Little is known about environmental triggers except gluten for celiac disease, a common immune-mediated disorder where seasonality of birth has been reported as a risk factor. We[…][]

  • Diarrhea

    Related travel health notices None What is travellersdiarrhea? Travellersdiarrhea is the most common illness that affects travellers.[] Travelersdiarrhea (TD) is the most predictable travel-related illness.[] Traveler’s Diarrhea and Pregnancy Traveler’s diarrhea is a common illness that affects travelers each year.[]

  • Amebiasis

    Most travel travel-related illnesses include fever, diarrhea, and skin disease, which are relatively uncommon in returning travelers.[] In fact, most traveler's diarrhea is bacterial or viral in origin. Amoebiasis results from tissue destruction induced by the E. histolytica parasite.[] Abstract A 6-year-old boy with no history of foreign travel had presented with rectal bleeding without diarrhea for 2 months.[]

  • Shigella Enteritis

    traveler’s diarrhea.[] Shigella gastroenteritis; Shigella enteritis; Enteritis - shigella; Gastroenteritis - shigella; Traveler's diarrhea - shigellosis Bhutta ZA.[] Practice guidelines for the management of infectious diarrhea. Clin Infect Dis 2001:32;331-351. CDC Yellow Book 2016. Traveler's Diarrhea.[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    diarrhea.[] […] in AIDS patients What is the most common cause of travellers diarrhea[] (in general) E. coli is the most common cause of traveler’s diarrhea.[]

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