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1,088 Possible Causes for Tremor, White Matter Lesions

  • Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis

    This report describes a 22-year-old woman who presented with coordination loss, tremor, choreiform movements and marked visual blurring, and her condition rapidly deteriorated[] MRI can reveal multifocal white-matter lesions. Treatment The course of SSPE is variable, but it can last for years. There is no definitive treatment.[] The symptoms progressed to include generalized tremor, rigid extremities, and difficulty speaking. Her cognition was intact, but expressive ability was markedly limited.[]

  • Lyme Disease

    She returned to school and church participation with minimal total body tremor when fatigued and daily pain rated 0 to 3/10.[] Rash at site of bite or on other parts of your body Unexplained hair loss Headache, mild or severe, Seizures Pressure in head, white matter lesions in brain (MRI) Twitching[] Symptoms of Lyme disease ( Print Symptoms List ) Head, Face, Neck Unexplained hair loss Headache, mild or severe, seizures Pressure in head, white matter lesions in brain[]

  • Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy

    Tremors and shaking, prominent in other myelin mutants, were not obvious until the terminal stage.[] Neuroimaging at 15 years of age revealed white matter lesions, and nerve conduction velocity examinations showed a slowly developing polyneuropathy.[] They include blindness, tremors, incontinence and severe hind leg weakness. MRI findings are abnormal. References: McGraw, R.A., and Carmichael, K.P. (2006).[]

  • Lead Encephalopathy

    Two days later hallucinations, formication and a movement disorder emerged characterized by action tremor, myoclonus, chorea and ataxia.[] She had cognitive dysfunction with extensive subcortical and cerebellar white matter lesions on magnetic resonance imaging.[] In chronic petrol sniffers, recent exposure to high levels of leaded petrol may give rise to a lead encephalopathy characterised by tremor, chorea, ataxia, hyperreflexia,[]

  • Urea Cycle Disorder

    Some of the physical symptoms of an elevated ammonia level may include tremor, lack of appetite, irritability, heavy or rapid breathing, low energy, vomiting, disorientation[] Symmetric cystic lesions at the gray matter-white matter junction, especially in the sulcal depth of the frontal, parietal, hippocampal, and insular regions, are known early[] There are many hyperkinetic movement disorders including tremor, tics, dystonia, and chorea. See All 2 Answers[]

  • Cockayne Syndrome

    Status of tremors, ability to perform daily tasks, serial physical examinations, and results of handwriting samples.[] The main clinical manifestations were progressive encephalopathy including intracranial calcification and white-matter lesions, dwarfism without growth hormone deficiency,[] . 31 However, white matter lesions were not correlated to the intensity of brain calcifications or vascular changes in a neuropathologic study, again suggesting that different[]

  • Acute Intermittent Porphyria

    A neurologist’s “back hand” clue fueled an already burning fire in me to find out what was wrong with Jill, whose first presentations were neurological symptoms: tremors,[] Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging demonstrated multiple large contrast-enhancing subcortical white matter lesions, which regressed with glucose and hematin infusions.[] Tachycardia and hypertension , and less frequently fever, sweating, restlessness, and tremor are also observed.[]

  • Cerebral Palsy

    He had nystagmus and psychomotor delay since infancy and tremor with ataxia developing gradually.[] Auditory impairment and basal ganglion lesions occurred more frequently in the dystonia group (n   8, 31%; and n   16, 67%), while seizures, microcephaly, white matter lesions[] Communication function in children with a periventricular white matter lesion (PVWL) varied widely.[]

  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

    Other symptoms that may be treated with drugs include seizures, vertigo, and tremor.[] Although most HDLS cases have a positive family history, this disease should also be suspected in sporadic patients showing unusual white matter lesions at MRI.[] Additional diffusion-weighted imaging revealed restricted diffusion in the white matter lesions with a reduced apparent diffusion coefficient.[]

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    As the disease progresses, symptoms may advance to include muscle spasms, heat sensitivity, vision problems, depression, difficulty speaking or swallowing, tremors, dizziness[] White matter lesion volume on FLAIR was 44.2mL, and tracer uptake change between damaged white matter and normal appearing white matter was - 40.5%.[] […] include changes in sensation or sensory symptoms such as tingling and numbness, and changes in muscle function or motor symptoms such as difficulty walking, stiffness or tremors[]

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