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177 Possible Causes for Triangular Mouth

  • Autosomal-Recessive Robinow Syndrome

    mouth Triangular shaped mouth 0000207 Umbilical hernia 0001537 Vertebral fusion Spinal fusion 0002948 Wide anterior fontanel Wider-than-typical soft spot of skull 0000260[] The facial traits include hypertelorism, wide palpebral fissures, wide nasal base, everted nares, with a broad and triangular mouth ( 3 ).[] The patient showed a triangular mouth giving an inverted 'V' (tented) appearance. The palate was deep, narrow and showed submucous clefting [Figure 3] a.[]

  • Char Syndrome

    The facial features include hypertelorism, strabismus, flat nasal bridge, short philtrum and a triangular mouth.[] Additional facial differences include a shortened distance between the nose and upper lip (a short philtrum), a triangular-shaped mouth, and thick, prominent lips.[]

  • Robinow Syndrome

    mouth, hypoplastic genitalia and vertebral and costal anomalies.[] Additionally, hypoplasia of the midface, macrocephaly, a large and triangular mouth (V-shaped upper lip), hypertrophy of the gums, delayed loss of decidual teeth, a short[] mouth Triangular shaped mouth 0000207 Umbilical hernia 0001537 Vertebral fusion Spinal fusion 0002948 Wide anterior fontanel Wider-than-typical soft spot of skull 0000260[]

  • Cerebro-Facio-Thoracic Dysplasia

    mouth and low posterior hairline, and also brachycephaly, calcified clinoid ligaments, and upper rib deformities.[] mouth, short neck, marked maxillary hypoplasia, a low hairline (especially posteriorly in the midline on the neck), brachycephaly, calcified clinoid ligements, and multiple[] Facial abnormalities may include: flat head syndrome (brachycephaly), wide set eyes (hypertelorism), broad nasal bridge, triangular shaped mouth, large space between the nose[]

  • Acrodysostosis

    mouth.[] mouth, gingival hyperplasia and a small penis.[] […] addition, he also had facial abnormalities of frontal bossing, hypertelorism, maxillary hypoplasia, broad low nasal bridge, short upturned nose with anteverted nostrils and triangular[]

  • Raine Syndrome

    mouth, bifid uvula, sometimes cleft palate; gingival hypertrophy and sometimes presence of teeth at birth - low set ears intracerebral calcifications: basal ganglia, falx[] The mouth is usually triangular, gum hypertrophy is expressed, and there may be natal teeth and cleft palate/uvula.[] […] forehead, with a large anterior fontanel - midface hypoplasia with occasional choanal atresia - small nose with a protracted root - proptosis with droopy lower eyelid - triangular[]

  • Acrocallosal Syndrome

    mouth Triangular shaped mouth 0000207 Showing of 74 Last updated: 3/1/2019 Making a diagnosis for a genetic or rare disease can often be challenging.[] […] forehead Pronounced forehead Protruding forehead [ more ] 0011220 Pulmonary valve defects 0005148 Rectovaginal fistula Abnormal connection between rectum and vagina 0000143 Triangular[]

  • Trisomy 18

    Main features include low birth weight, mental retardation, abnormal skull shape, lowset and malformed ears, small mandible, triangular mouth, cardiac defects, shield-like[]

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

    Additional features of this condition include distinctive facial features such as a narrow forehead , almond-shaped eyes, and a triangular mouth; short stature; and small[] mouth, almond-shaped eyes, and a narrow forehead.[] […] common among people with Prader-Willi syndrome, such as short stature, unusually small hands and feet, fair skin and hair, and certain facial characteristics, including a triangular[]

  • Congenital Pulmonary Hypoventilation

    Some patients have down slanting eyes, a small nose, a triangular-shape mouth, and ears that are low-set and backwards rotated.[]

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