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63 Possible Causes for Trichoschisis

  • Periureteritis

    Bedroom Microsporous Midweek Myriopods Novelisation Pteropine Radiograms Rebar Revivalism Sarcelly Sing To Sleep Sottedness Spahees Spleenwort Substanially Swifts Thorns Trichoschisis[]

  • Familial Isolated Trichomegaly

    ., tyrosinuria, Werner’s s. hypopigmentation phenylketonuria hypotrichosis ( see pili torti & trichoschisis) argininosuccinicaciduria, cartilage hair hypoplasia, ectodermal[] , arginosuccinic aciduria, biotin deficiency, citrullinemia, KID s., lamellar ichthyosis, Menkes’ kinky hair s., Netherton’s s., PIBIDS s., sulfur-deficient hair, trauma trichoschisis[] […] biotin, calorie malnutrition, essential fatty acid, Hartnup d., homocytinuria, protein, zinc IBIDS s. birefringence of hair, pili torti, sparse hair, trichorrhexis nodosa, trichoschisis[]

  • Sabinas Brittle Hair Syndrome

    The key finding is brittle hair with low sulfur content, but alternating dark and light bands under polarizing microscopy, trichoschisis, and absent or defective cuticle are[] La esenca trovo estas fragila hararo kun malalta sulfurenhavo, sed alternanta malhelajn kaj malpezajn grupojn sub polarigado de mikroskopio, trichoschisis, kaj forestanta[] The light microscopy test reveals transverse fractures through the hair shafts (trichoschisis).[]

  • Inherited Ichthyosis

    […] initiation and progression of labor Trichothiodystrophy Heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by sulfur-deficient brittle hair with hair-shaft abnormalities (e.g. trichoschisis[]

  • CAMFAK Syndrome

    In addition, they show a spectrum of typical hair shaft abnormalities, including trichoschisis, trichorrhexis nodosa-like fractures, surface irregularities, and ribboning.[] In addition, they usually have hair shaft abnormalities including trichoschisis (a clean transverse break through the hair) , trichorrhexis nodosa-like defects, and ribboning[]

  • Acquired Kinky Hair Syndrome

    Trichoschisis including trichothiodystrophy As mentioned above, trichoschisis refers to a clean transverse break across the hair shaft that arises due to the absence of the[] Trichoschisis shows a “tiger tail” appearance with a zigzag pattern of alternating bright and dark bands under a polarizer.[] The absence of a cuticle can also cause a straight break through the hair shaft (trichoschisis) in addition to the nodular elements of trichorrhexis nodosa.[]

  • Hypotrichosis 7

    High magnification showed flattened and twisted hair shaft at irregular intervals, ruffled cuticle, and trichoschisis, which is prone to breakage (Figure-2 d,e,f).[]

  • Pili Torti

    Trichoschisis including trichothiodystrophy As mentioned above, trichoschisis refers to a clean transverse break across the hair shaft that arises due to the absence of the[] Specific abnormalities are easily detected: periodic narrowing of hair(monilethrix), ringed hair(pili annulati), trichoschisis and “tiger tail” hair(trichothiodystrophy) ([] A large number of different types of hair shaft abnormality have been described, including: Fractures: trichorrhexis nodosa, trichoschisis, trichoclasis (trichothiodystrophy[]

  • Lamellar Ichthyosis

    Hair examination revealed pili torti, trichoschisis, bright and dark bands with polarizing microscopy, and a low hair sulfur content.[] […] believe that this case is a link between the ichthyosis-associated syndromes and the group of syndromes that have in common abnormal hair with clean transverse fractures (trichoschisis[]

  • Gaucher Disease, Collodion Type

    Al-Amro Al Akloby OM, Al-Zayir AA (2004) Clinico- xis nodosa, Trichoschisis, „Tigerschwanz- gnostische Abklärung und erfolgreiche epidemiological features of congenital nonbullous[]

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