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294 Possible Causes for tripods

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    In response to respiratory distress, patients with epiglottitis may assume the classic tripod position: sitting upright, supported by the hands, with the tongue out and head[] […] heard only on expiration is most consistent with bronchial disease Mild cough Tenderness to gentle palpation over the larynx Cervical adenopathy Respiratory distress Fever Tripod[]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Other signs such as subcostal recession, abdominal 'see-saw' breathing and tripod positioning. Reduced oxygen saturation (less than 95%).[]

  • Zygomatic Fracture

    Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fracture (Tripod Fracture) return to: Facial Fracture Management Handbook see also: Case Example Zygomatic Complex Fracture (Tripod Fracture);[] Undisplaced # Minimal symptoms Zygomatic arch # Difficulties opening and closing Tripod # F-Z intact Numbness, visual disturbance, pain, asymmetry Tripod # F-Z displaced Numbness[] Gillie's approach is used for depressed zygomatic fractures. [4] The prognosis of tripod fractures is generally good.[]

  • Facial Fracture

    Tripod or ZMC (Zygomatico-Maxillary Complex) Fractures Trauma to the cheek area can lead to fractures of the face in a tripod type of arrangement.[] The displaced tripod fragment may physically restrict motion of the mandible.[] Other facial fractures we see are fractures around the eye (orbital fractures), cheek (zygomatic or tripod fractures), and forehead (frontal bone and frontal sinus fractures[]

  • Maxillary Fracture

    'Tripod' fracture Hover on/off image to show/hide findings Tap on/off image to show/hide findings Click image to align with top of page 'Tripod' fracture 1 - The zygoma ([] […] fracture) Zygomatic arch fracture Always check the other arms to make sure this is not a tripod fracture Does not usually require surgical intervention unless there is an[] Discussion There are several types of midface fracture, including LeFort, zygomatic complex or “tripod,” orbital floor, naso-orbitoethmoidal, nasal, and nasoethmoidal, as[]

  • Acute Epiglottitis

    […] alone for any reason what age group does acute epiglottitis occur in what is the classic position of child upright , leaning forward chin thrust out, tongue protruding ( tripod[] Note that fever, stridor, drooling and the "tripod sign" are much less common in adults than in children.[] […] shots (in developed countries kids get HiB vaccine at 2,4,6 and 12-15 months) Underserved areas or nations 3 D's of epiglottitis: Dysphagia Drooling Respiratory Distress Tripod[]

  • Morton's Toe

    The wider the tripod, the more stable the foot.[] Morton's toe causes you to bear the weight of that leg on the ball of your foot behind your 2nd toe instead of your big toe changing the "tripod" of your foot into an ice[] Your foot should distribute your weight like a tripod.[]

  • Meningism

    […] of the 'Tripod' Sign The patient is asked to sit up in bed.[] Particular attention was paid to examination of meningeal signs, including nuchal rigidity, Kernig's sign, Brudzinski's three signs (upper, middle, and lower), the "tripod[] […] of meningismus is associated with clinical examination of meningeal signs, including nuchal rigidity, Kernig's sign, Brudzinski's three signs (upper, middle, and lower), tripod[]

  • Epiglottis Absent or Abnormal

    Another major difference is, in epiglottitis, patients have the tripod sign. They're sitting up straight.[] Signs and Symptoms of Epiglottitis “ADD AIR NURSE” A bnormal position to breathe…. tripod position … How does it look?[] This position (Tripod position) optimises airway patency. [2] Swollen and erythematous epiglottis.[]

  • Lassa Virus

    This tripod arrangement offers a path for vaccine design.[] The tripod arrangement of the Lassa surface glycoprotein offers a path for vaccine design.[] Zooming in even closer, Hastie discovered that three of the GP1-GP2 pairs come together like a tripod. This arrangement appears to be unique to Lassa virus.[]

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