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240 Possible Causes for Unilateral Proptosis

  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

    There are many different types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Doctors also give NHL a grade, depending on how quickly it is likely to grow. Low grade NHL Find out about low grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), what low grade means, and different types. High grade NHL Find out about high grade lymphomas, what high[…][]

  • Graves Disease

    Orbital manifestations of IgG4-rd may include unilateral or bilateral proptosis, cicatricial extraocular muscle myopathy, orbital inflammation and pain which may mimic ophthalmic[]

  • Ethmoid Sinusitis

    This article presents a case of bilateral ethmoid sinusitis with unilateral proptosis as a presenting sign of an unsuspected prostate carcinoma.[] proptosis as an initial manifestation of metastatic prostate carcinoma. ( 7861473 ) Fortson J.K....Moseley D.L. 1994 15 Radiological case of the month.[] 1998 13 Cerebral venous thrombosis associated with maxillary and ethmoid sinusitis--a case report. ( 8750066 ) Lee T.G....Roh J.K. 1995 14 Bilateral ethmoid sinusitis with unilateral[]

  • Orbital Mass

    We present the case of a 52-year-old male with progressive, marked unilateral proptosis due to a multilobulated orbital mass, secondary to biopsy-proven plexiform neurofibroma[] A 48-year-old woman with a history of chronic intranasal cocaine abuse presented with unilateral proptosis associated with severe visual loss from optic neuropathy in the[] proptosis in adults) References Hasegawa M, Kojima M, Shioya M, Tamaki Y, Saitoh J, Sakurai H, Kitamoto Y, Suzuki Y, Niibe H, Nakano T.[]

  • Orbital Metastasis

    A 44-year-old man presented with unilateral proptosis and progressively deteriorating vision of his left eye over a 2-week period.[] An otherwise asymptomatic 63-year-old woman with a history of a carcinoid tumor of the ileum and a cutaneous melanoma of the shoulder developed unilateral proptosis.[] Four patients presented with recent onset of unilateral proptosis, 1 patient presented with inflammatory manifestations, and 1 patient presented with unilateral ptosis.[]

  • Suprasellar Tumor

    Ewing's sarcoma of the orbit with intracranial extension: A rare cause of unilateral proptosis. J Pediatr Neurosci 2011;6:36-9. [Full text] 3. Weins AL, Hattab EM.[] Surgical excision can be only achieved in unilateral tumors with no visual acuity.[] Therefore, contemporary indications for surgery include single nerve involvement causing progressive, disfiguring proptosis, blindness, or both, or exophytic chiasm tumors[]

  • Orbital Neoplasm

    Symptoms Orbital tumors typically present with early unilateral proptosis of the globe and may adversely affect visual and extraocular muscle function.[] Orbital metastases may be unilateral/bilateral and usually present with abrupt proptosis associated with a superior orbital mass. Prognosis is very poor.[] An aching discomfort, typically associated with unilateral proptosis, is an important part of the clinical presentation.[]

  • Orbital Floor Fracture

    Abstract Three patients developed unilateral proptosis 13, 16, and 20 years after repair of blow-out fracture with orbital floor Teflon implants.[]

  • Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

    Note prominent proptosis. Most orbital pseudotumors are unilateral and either extraconal or transspatial (both extra- and intraconal) in distribution.[]

  • Orbital Disease

    Signs and Symptoms Sudden onset of unilateral proptosis. Eyelid swelling, injection, ecchymosis. Pain and decreased vision are uncommon.[] Orbital metastases may be unilateral/bilateral and usually present with abrupt proptosis associated with a superior orbital mass. Prognosis is very poor.[] A 40 year-old male presented after one year of unilateral, progressive, steroid-responsive, orbital inflammatory disease causing proptosis, extraocular muscle (EOM) restriction[]

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