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749 Possible Causes for Upper Limb Weakness

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 2

    Limb-girdle weakness is a prominent finding. Respiratory muscle involvement is a hallmark of Pompe disease. Lukacs Z, Nieves Cobos P, Mengel E, et al.[] Particular muscle groups may be affected, such as the upper arms and pectoral muscles. Asymmetry of affected muscle groups may be present.[]

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 6

    Affected individuals claim muscle weakness, most commonly in the upper limbs and neck, or in the legs.[] Over the course of the disease, they develop muscle weakness and atrophy in all four limbs, and possibly bulbar palsy associated with dysarthria and dysphagia.[] Muscle weakness subsequently spreads to the other limbs and bulbar muscles may become involved.[]

  • Hyperventilation

    […] both upper limbs within three days.[] A five-months-pregnant female of the age 25 years presented with sudden onset flaccid weakness of both lower limbs associated with thigh muscle pain followed by weakness of[]

  • Fracture

    PATIENTS CONCERNS: A 47-year-old woman felt neck pain with weakness and numbness in both upper limbs for 5 months.[]

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    He presented with bilateral, proximal upper and lower limb weakness, limb girdle wasting, bilaterally reduced Achilles tendon reflexes, and bilateral stocking-type sensory[]

  • Birth

    Abstract A 5-year-old child presented to us with weakness of the left upper limb since birth.[]

  • Scoliosis

    RESULTS: TcEMEPs from upper and lower limbs rapidly showed significant drops in amplitude after the injection of clonidine.[] Amplitudes reached minimal values within five minutes and remained very weak for at least 10-20minutes during which monitoring of the central motor pathways was severely compromised[]

  • Monomelic Amyotrophy

    The index case presented with left upper limb weakness and wasting of 3 years duration while his mother had right upper limb amyotrophy and weakness of 34 years.[] limb weakness (with muscular atrophy)-two of them with distal and one with proximal localization.[] CONCLUSIONS: Patients with MMA are predominantly young males with upper limb wasting and weakness. MRI of the cervical cord is normal in most of the patients (67.9%).[]

  • Multifocal Motor Neuropathy

    Abstract Multifocal motor neuropathy (MMN) is typically associated with distal upper limb weakness and wasting.[] The initial high-dose intravenous immunoglobulin treatment significantly improved left upper limb muscle weakness.[] Abstract Multifocal motor neuropathy (MMN) is a unique disorder characterized by slowly progressive, asymmetric, distal and upper limb predominant weakness without significant[]

  • Neuropathy

    Length-dependent peripheral neuropathy symptoms make a slow ascent of leg, while symptoms may never appear in the upper limbs; if they do, it will be around the time that[] Sensory symptoms generally develop before motor symptoms such as weakness.[]

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