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3 Possible Causes for Upper- to Lower-Body Segment Ratio Reduced

  • Marfanoid Habitus with Situs Inversus

    Disproportionate tall stature MedGen UID: 323048 • Concept ID: C1836996 • Finding A tall and slim body build with increased arm span to height ratio ( 1.05) and a reduced[] upper-to-lower segment ratio ( Hyperextensibility of the finger joints MedGen UID: 334982 • Concept ID: C1844577 • Finding The ability of the finger joints to move beyond[]

  • Marfan Syndrome Type 2

    Occupational hx: Patient attending high school; grade 8. 5 Physical Exam Afebrile Reduced upper-to-lower body segment ratio (0.85 vs 0.93 Positive wrist (Walker) and thumb[]

  • De Barsy Moens Diercks Syndrome

    Physical examinations in both showed signs of Marfan syndrome: pectus carinatum, reduced upper to lower body segment ratio, finger hyperextensibility, and positive wrist sign[] Symptoms INHERITANCE: Isolated cases GROWTH: [Other]; Marfanoid body habitus; Reduced upper-lower segment ratio HEAD AND NECK: [Face]; Prognathism; Long face; Myopathic facies[]

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