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982 Possible Causes for Urea Increased

  • Multiple Myeloma

    The blood urea increased to 8.1 mmol/L (normal 7.1 mmol/L) and creatinine increased to 158 μmol/L (normal 133 μmol/L).[]

  • Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

    Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome ( aHUS ) is an extremely rare, life-threatening, progressive disease that frequently has a genetic component. In most cases it is caused by chronic, uncontrolled activation of the complement system,[]

  • Hypertension

    An increased rate of high blood urea has been found in untreated people with hypertension in comparison with people with normal blood pressure, although it is uncertain whether[]

  • Stomatitis

    Treatment consists of improvement of urea blood concentration and the underlying renal failure, supported by increased oral hygiene with antiseptic mouthwashes and antimicrobial[]

  • Hypoglycemia

    His aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase levels increased to over 10,000 IU/L, and his blood urea nitrogen and creatinine levels increased postoperatively[]

  • Cold Exposure

    The serum blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, creatinine kinase, and myoglobin levels were elevated.[] Bone scintigraphy on the second day revealed increased activity in the superficial muscle groups in the abdomen, back, buttock, thighs, legs, and arms, which was compatible[]

  • Hyperuricemia

    […] urate level associated with the increase in the ratio of urate clearance to creatinine clearance.[] Fibrate-induced increase in blood urea and creatinine: is gemfibrozil the only innocuous agent?[] Both patients had a reduction of urea clearance, and both parathyroidectomy in the former case and intravenous infusion of saline in the latter case could reduce the serum[]

  • Dialysis Disequilibrium Syndrome

    At day 11, urea increased to 35.6 mmol/L and creatininemia to 452 μmol/L. Serum sodium was 145 mmol/L.[] Mechanism Uncertain; attributed to increased urea or organic compounds, either of which result in reverse osmosis. di·al·y·sis dis·e·qui·lib·ri·um syn·drome ( dī-ali-sis dis-ēkwi-librē-ŭm[] As the amount of urea in the brain increases, it creates a concentration gradient that causes fluid to move out of the blood vessels and into the extravascular compartment[]

  • Atopic Dermatitis

    Moisturizers containing urea, glycerin or glycyrrhetinic acid seem to show the greater evidence of efficacy being supported by more clinical trials.[] […] confirm the presence of a reasonable number of studies highlighting moisturizers safety and effectiveness in the treatment of atopic dermatitis by improving disease severity, increasing[]

  • Neuropathy

    Adequate hydration can also be monitored by blood urea nitrogen levels. Lower extremity exercises are encouraged to increase muscle tone and promote venous return.[]

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