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120 Possible Causes for Urethral Displacement

  • Nephroblastoma

    Wilms tumor is the most common renal malignancy in children. In the 1930s, overall survival for children with Wilms tumor was approximately 30%. Use of multidisciplinary therapy, guided by results from multi-institutional, randomized trials, has substantially improved overall survival to about 90%. Management of Wilms tumor[…][]

  • Testicular Embryonal Carcinoma

    Abstract The presence of high levels of metallothionein (MT) in developing mammalian cells is well documented. It has been suggested that the developmental profile and gene expression of MT is similar to that of the so-called oncodevelopmental gene products such as a-fetoprotein. In this study tissue sections of[…][]

  • Retroperitoneal Neoplasm

    Retroperitoneal neoplasms include benign and malignant tumors that emerge within the retroperitoneum. These are rarely encountered in the clinical practice. Lymphoma is by far the most important malignant retroperitoneal neoplasm, followed by liposarcoma, leiomyosarcoma and malignant fibrous histiocytoma, whereas a[…][]

  • Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage

    We encountered complications of septic shock and retroperitoneal hemorrhage which occurred after implantation of a retrievable Günther Tulip filter. A 79-year-old woman was diagnosed as right femoral vein thrombosis, and a retrievable Günther Tulip filter was deployed prior to a total knee replacement surgery.[…][]

  • Retroperitoneal Sarcoma

    Abstract A 40-year-old woman underwent diagnostic and staging laparoscopy for a 12 cm retroperitoneal tumor, during which large-core biopsy was performed, which revealed an intermediate-grade leiomyosarcoma. Subsequent open resection (with en bloc resection of pancreatic tail and left kidney) was performed in a[…][]

  • Retroperitoneal Hematoma

    Spontaneous retroperitoneal hematoma (SRH) is a rare, potentially lethal entity that can arise from a variety of etiologies. We present a case of SRH secondary to hemorrhage from the right inferior adrenal artery in a 22-year-old woman. The patient presented to the emergency room with significant right flank[…][]

  • Retroperitoneal Lymphoma

    Primary retroperitoneal lymphomas are a rare occurrence in clinical practice and their non-specific clinical presentation comprised primarily of constitutional symptoms. The diagnosis is difficult to attain without an extensive clinical and radiological workup, whereas a biopsy is necessary to confirm hematologic[…][]

  • Psoas Abscess

    Psoas muscle abscess is an uncommon infection that have been diagnosed increasingly in the last years. We present a case of a patient with advanced human immunodeficiency virus infection who developed a disseminated infection due to Nocardia asteroides sensu stricto type VI with psoas abscess. To our knowledge[…][]

  • Urinary Stress Incontinence

    Assessment of Urethral Mobility Anti-incontinence surgery is more successful in women with urethral mobility , defined as a 30 degree or greater displacement from the horizontal[] All of these weaken the pelvic floor and the urethral sphincter.[] In these operations, the sling is thought to create a secure platform of urethral support.[]

  • Balanitis

    The association of BXO with urethral stone causing interruption of the urinary stream and voiding by manual displacement of the urethral stone has not been described before[] We describe one such case of a young boy with BXO and urethral stone who voided by manually displacing the stone for over a year.[]

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