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631 Possible Causes for Uterine Hemorrhage, Variable Expressivity of Each Feature

  • Endometriosis

    We speculate the intraperitoneal hemorrhage was subsequently due to the PSA.[] […] of PCOS. [3] The genetic component appears to be inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion with high genetic penetrance but variable expressivity in females meaning that[] In this case report, we are presenting a patient with endometriosis presented with massive hemorrhagic ascites.[]

  • Ovarian Cyst

    A laparoscopic approach revealed a left ovarian cystic tumor that was twisted 360 degrees in conjunction with the uterine corpus with hemorrhagic infarction.[] Pelvic infections, uterine fibroids, pregnancy, benign (hemorrhagic) ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and liver disease are some of the conditions that may elevate blood CA-125[] The tumor was classified as mature cystic teratoma of the ovary accompanied by hemorrhagic necrosis, not only of the cyst but also of the left uterine tube and the uterine[]

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  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Health consequences of sexually transmitted diseases disproportionately affect women, making it important to determine whether newly emerged pathogens cause sequelae. Although the pathogenic role of Mycoplasma genitalium in male urethritis is clear, fewer studies have been conducted among women to determine its[…][]

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  • Spontaneous Abortion

    Diabetes mellitus Hypertensive pregnancy disorders (especially if complicated by placental insufficiency or placental abruption ) Uterine rupture Advanced age Heavy smoking[] […] or cervical abnormalities. [1] Maternal mortality is uncommon from miscarriages, but morbidities like psychological stress, hemorrhage, sepsis, secondary infertility and[] Notable side effects were coagulopathy in 2% and hemorrhage secondary to uterine atony in 2%.[]

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  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    1. Stein IF, Leventhal ML. Amenorrhea associated with bilateral polycystic ovaries. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1935; 29 :181–191. [ Google Scholar ] 2. Farquhar C. Introduction and history of polycystic ovary syndrome. In: Kovacs G, Norman R, editors. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. 2nd ed. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University[…][]

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  • Uterine Fibroid

    […] artery has become established treatment for non-acute uterine hemorrhage.[] The authors describes a rare, but potentially life-threatening case of hemorrhage from a uterine fibroid.[] It is also an effective treatment to control intractable uterine hemorrhage secondary to uterine fibroids. [11] Our patient managed with TAHBSO after correction of the general[]

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  • Abruptio Placentae

    Sangeeta Devi Gurung Manipal Teaching Hospital Junu Shrestha Manipal Teaching Hospital Prakash Sharma Manipal Teaching Hospital Keywords: Gestational Age, Hemorrhage, Uterine[] When the entire placenta separates from the uterus, there is massive hemorrhage into the uterine cavity and… Read More[] In this situation, there often is fear of uterine hemorrhage secondary to atony; however, this usually is not the rule.[]

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  • Malignant Ovarian Neoplasm

    On gross examination, primary choriocarcinomas are hemorrhagic and friable.[] […] gestational choriocarcinoma must be ruled out because most trophoblastic neoplasms of the ovary arise from ovarian pregnancies or represent metastasis from an unrecognized uterine[]

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  • Ectopic Pregnancy

    Hemorrhage/etiology Substances Biomarkers Chorionic Gonadotropin, beta Subunit, Human[] Expectant management has the highest probability of morbid outcomes, including hemorrhage, uterine rupture, and preterm delivery.[] These pregnancies can lead to life-threatening hemorrhage, uterine rupture, and hysterectomy if not managed promptly.[]

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  • Metastatic Ovarian Carcinoma

    Paclitaxel (Taxol) is an anticancer agent used for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancer. The major side effects are bone marrow suppression, alopecia, polyneuropathy and cardiac toxicity like bradycardia, myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure and cardiac death. Intensive care unit (ICU) of a[…][]

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