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311 Possible Causes for Vacuolated Macrophages

  • Tendon Sheath Giant Cell Tumor

    On microscopy, fibrous tissue with histiocytes having ill-defined eosinophilic cytoplasm, vacuolation, macrophages with multinucleated giant cells and fibroblasts were observed[]

  • Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

    However, the presence of a diffuse dermal infiltrate rich in plasmocytes and vacuolated macrophages allows for diagnostic orientation and the careful search for the parasite[] In these lesions there is a dense infiltrate of vacuolated macrophages in the dermis which are full of amastigotes and give the infiltrate the appearance of a macrophagic[] macrophages that phagocyte the large quantities of amastigotes present (23).[]

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis

    A colonoscopy revealed an erosive pancolitis with unusual vacuolated macrophages. Characteristics of ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease were absent.[]

  • Pneumoconiosis

    An open lung biopsy revealed interstitial pneumonitis with an abundance of vacuolated macrophages in the alveolar spaces.[]

  • Homocystinuria

    PEG-CBS was well-tolerated in mice and monkeys, but resulted in dose-dependent minimal-to-moderate inflammation at the injection sites and vacuolated macrophages in rats.[]

  • Goiter

    Fluid colloid, bland epithelial cells and histiocytes - Pigmented and vacuolated macrophages admixed with bland epithelial cells and bare nuclei.[] Pigmented and vacuolated macrophages, bland follicular cells - Pigmented macrophages with bland follicular cells and bare nuclei in the background.[] Pigmented macrophages and few small epithelial cells which appear hypofuctioning (small, hyperchromatic nuclei with scanty, denser cytoplasm.[]

  • Aplasia or Hypoplasia of Halluces

    macrophages Inheritance - Autosomal recessive Laboratory Abnormalities - Enlarged cytoplasmic vacuoles in bone, muscle, and brain tissue Miscellaneous - Death in infancy[] […] nuchal skin Face Short philtrum [ EoM Image ] Further information: Morphology of elements Micrognathia [ EoM Image ] Further information: Morphology of elements Hematology - Vacuolated[]

  • Lipid Pneumonia

    All vacuolated macrophages contained lipids (lipophages) and represented 35% of all cells in the biopsy.[] macrophages in the air spaces.[] The microscopic view of the biopsy showed intra-alveolar clusters of vacuolated macrophages, interstitial fibrosis around lipoid vacuoles, inflammatory lymphocytic infiltrates[]

  • Bone Necrosis

    Staining with CD68 antibody confirmed that the cells visualized with foamy, vacuolated cytoplasm were macrophages.[] Lymphoplasmocytic inflammatory reaction was observed, with the presence of macrophages containing a foamy, vacuolated cytoplasm, as well as the presence of ceroid pigment[] The most frequent anatomopathological findings were extensive necrosis of bone tissue, large vacuoles filled with fat cells, inflammatory lymphoplasmocytic reaction with macrophages[]

  • Rhinoscleroma

    Biopsy samples revealed large vacuolated macrophages (Mikulicz cells) in all patients.[] A Warthin-Starry stain demonstrating rod-shaped bacilli within vacuolated macrophages (Mikulicz cells) is classic for rhinoscleroma.[] Vacuolated macrophages with bacilli (Mikulicz cells) 3.[]

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