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513 Possible Causes for Vaginal Prolapse

  • Constipation

    […] posterior vaginal wall that allows the rectum to prolapse into the vagina upon straining]) may lead to functional outlet obstruction.[] In some patients, chronic or repeated pelvic injury (eg, from pregnancies) or the development of anatomic abnormalities (eg, rectal prolapse or rectocele [weakness in the[]

  • Rectocele

    Severe posterior vaginal prolapse might require surgical repair. Symptoms A small posterior vaginal prolapse (rectocele) may cause no signs or symptoms.[] The surgery uses a vaginal approach and usually consists of removing excess, stretched tissue that forms the posterior vaginal prolapse.[] prolapse in 22.5% cases. 37 patients with defects of low location have undergone implantation of prosthetic material from vaginal approach.[]

  • Uterine Prolapse

    Vaginal Prolapse Diagnosis Gynecological examination Pelvic examination How to Treat Vaginal Prolapse Mild cases of uterine prolapse may not require treatment.[] Vaginal Prolapse – Overview Vaginal Prolapse – Surgery Vaginal Prolapse – Pessary Treatment Vaginal prolapse (or pelvic organ prolapse) affects 40% of adult women.[] Uterine or Vaginal Prolapse Care at UVM Medical Center Doctors at The UVM Medical Center use a collaborative approach to treating uterine and vaginal prolapse.[]

  • Urinary Stress Incontinence

    The concern is that some of these patients may remain continent after vaginal prolapse repair making the addition of anti-incontinence surgery unnecessary.[] STUDY DESIGN: We enrolled 47 consecutive patients scheduled to vaginal prolapse surgery who did not report symptoms of stress incontinence.[] Stress urinary incontinence can occur with coexisting pelvic organ prolapse conditions, such as uterine and vaginal prolapse.[]

  • Cystocele

    OBJECTIVES: To explore the clinical importance and surgical outcomes of Green type III cystocele in women with anterior vaginal prolapse.[] We present the predictive value of a cystocele for clinically significant vaginal apical prolapse.[] Anterior and posterior vaginal wall prolapse involve protrusion of an organ into the vaginal canal.[]

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Rectum

    Int J Clin Oncol. 2009 Dec;14(6):551-4. doi: 10.1007/s10147-009-0890-7. Epub 2009 Dec 5. Matsuda A 1, Takahashi K, Yamaguchi T, Matsumoto H, Miyamoto H, Kawakami M, Kawachi H, Suzuki H, Furukawa K, Tajiri T, Mori T. Author information 1 Department of Surgery, Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.[…][]

  • Vaginal Prolapse

    Vaginal prolapse or pelvic organ prolapse (POP) with urinary incontinence is common in women worldwide.[] Utero-vaginal prolapse can be caused by traction on to the cervix by heavy myoma.[] Vaginal Prolapse, or Pelvic Organ Prolapse Vaginal prolapse—also called pelvic organ prolapse—is a common health condition that sometimes does not get the attention it deserves[]

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    The uterus (womb) sits on the top vaginal wall and prolapse of this area leads to uterine prolapse.[] Vaginal Vault Prolapse: Descent of the vaginal apex (following hysterectomy) into the lower vagina, hymenal ring or through the vaginal canal.[] vaginal vault prolapse.[]

  • Third Degree Uterine Prolapse

    The ICD code N81 is used to code Female genital prolapse Female genital prolapse (or vaginal prolapse or pelvic organ prolapse) is characterized by a portion of the vaginal[] ) Uterine prolapse (prolapse of the uterus) Vaginal vault prolapse Cystocele occurs when the front of the vaginal wall weakens, allowing the bladder to herniate into the vagina[] For further information regarding the Uterine and Vaginal Prolapse please contact 0161 428 3656. *Reference NHS Choices[]

  • Vagina Carcinoma

    To our knowledge, there have been no previous reports that assess the clinical experience of primary vaginal carcinoma associated with vaginal prolapse.[] Primary vaginal carcinoma in uterovaginal prolapse is a rare entity.[] The development of genuine vaginal carcinoma onto a completely prolapsed uterus is a very rare condition to deal with.[]

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